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Benefits Of Green, Oolong And White Tea To Your Health

Drinking tea can truly benefit our body and boost your health if you order from the best tea companies. It doesn’t matter much when you take a cup of tea, what matters most it the beneficial factor of the tea to your health taking note that you purchase the tea from the best tea companies. it is important to note that all teas are not tea. Real tea is derived from a particular plant by the name Camellia sinensis. There are for type of tea that is produced from this plant this includes the white, black, green and oolong tea that is supplied by the best tea companies. Going for the real tea from the best tea companies put you at an upper hand of consuming the right type of tea.

Herbal tea and real teas are the same things the only difference is that real tea has flavonoids making it healthier than the herbal tea. Now let’s look at these three types of tea from the best tea companies.

first let’s consider the real tea. To get this type of tea you will need to steam the leaves; the tea is characterized by been grassy with an astringent flavor It type of tea is consumed mostly in the eastern countries because it offers much health benefits and also has a mild flavor. This kind of tea benefits the body in the following ways: first it reduces the occurrence of stroke, enhances the burning of fat, it reduces the occurrence of infection, enhances normal brain functioning, reduces the risk of Alzheimer and also reduces the occurrence of cancer

The oolong tea. It is important to note that oolong tea is not the same as black tea and for this reason, it should not be confused. The similarity in the color brings about all the confusion The the rich taste of oolong tea is because its fermentation period is short This Tea contains less caffeine, its floral and it has a fruity flavor These are some of the benefits that the oolong tea offers to your body. it improves mental alertness, maintain the cholesterol levels in the body, maintains bone health, help in fighting against cancer and help in the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases.

And to end with let’s have a look at the white tea First white tea is picked when it is young. It is therefore characterized by a mild flavor. Most of the people will categories this flavor as sweet or creamy nutty. Leaving aside the aspect of flavor, it is also known for its capability in fighting cancer. Reliving diabetes symptoms, improving oral health and fighting cardiovascular disease are some of the benefits of white tea It facilitate soft, youthful skin

Going for the best tea companies will reduce your doubts about the type of tea to use.