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Criteria on How to Buy Dog Food

With the many dog food brands in the market, it frustrating to select the most appropriate one. Luckily, you will be able to find all the tips on buying the best dog food in this article.

Prior to shopping for the dog food, have an idea on whether you want dry or wet foods. Dry foods are easy to store, have high nutritional values and come in various varieties in the market. Wet foods are palatable and have high water content for hydration purposes. All in all, the final decision should be based on the dog’s age and race.

Taking your dog for examination by vets is vital. The check-ups will help you get more information on the amount of food that your dog needs, the allergies that it may have and the nutritional requirements that it needs. Through the reports given, the task of getting the right food and determining the required amount of dog food will be more comfortable.

The physical characteristics and overall behavior of your dog are major determinants on the dog food you will select. The most convenient way of knowing the right dog food is by checking the dog’s age, breed and activities. For example, aggressive breeds, lactating mothers and puppies need foods that have high calorie levels. Through understanding the physical characteristics of the dog, it is easier to predict its metabolism rate and thus the amount of food that is well sufficient.

Take your time to read through the ingredients used to make the product. By choosing a product made of meat meal, you will be guaranteed that your dog will stay hydrated even if it takes minimum water quantities. Even though dogs are omnivorous, avoid foods that indicate vegetables or grains as the main ingredients as they have less nutritional benefits. Whichever the case, have in mind that the presence of other nutrients in the diet is also as significant.

While checking the product information, ensure that the product gives an informative explanation regarding to the nutritional benefits of the product. Most importantly, it should be made by reliable associations such as the AAFCO. The associations follow strict procedures to ensure the foods are balanced.

You are also advised to select dog foods that have fewer amounts of filler and byproducts. Fillers are cheap contents in the dog food that meant to create bulk. Both the fillers and byproducts have no nutritional value to the food, hence should be avoided.

Lastly, it is vital to research on the brand that you are planning to go for. You will be able to know where the manufacturers get the ingredients.

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