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Asbestos Survey Management

During Asbestos survey the Surveyor’s work is to look if there are any asbestos remaining in the building and if the building is safe for use. The sample of the asbestos will be taken for the test immediately after the collection to produce sufficient results. Asbestos results will then be used to produce laboratory results for easy identification.

After the survey the sample is then taken for testing and then the report will be produced depending on the results given. The surveyor then will produce laboratory results depending on the asbestos collected in the scenario. To get asbestos easily surveyors have specific parts where they are certain in getting asbestos results and these parts include the roofs, ceiling the basement the cellars the underfloor among others. The report will be determined by the collection from specific parts of the building these parts tend to produce solid results during an asbestos survey.

However the survey has restrictions, as this may determine with the area the survey is done meaning if the surveyed area is under construction or under repair chances, are there won’t be sufficient results of asbestos. The destruction during asbestos collection may be caused by the demolition of the building or if there is any repair going on. Demolition or anything to do with repair must not be ongoing during asbestos survey as this may lead to insufficient results. The reason why asbestos cannot be surveyed under construction or repair it is because the repair may disturb the material to be measured thus giving insufficient results mark you asbestos survey needs very accurate results for easy management.

An incase there is need of demolition of the building asbestos services should be done before demolition is done as this way the results will come out clean but if the surveyors are called to survey after demolition then asbestos won’t happen. During demolition of building asbestos then will be done by passing through using forceful technics to reach out to inaccessible points as asbestos must be collected and be taken to the lab and get tested.

Surveyors will then have to find other technics of getting asbestos during demolition or repairing of the building then later asbestos testing will be done to achieve the results about the building and these results are done upon high standard laboratories for sufficient results. Surveyors will then send the sample in the lab for them to get tested as this is one way of confirming the outcome of the collection which should be ready within 24hours. In case the asbestos results turned out to be negative then the building must be stopped and if the building was complete then it should be demolished with immediate effect. However it is vital to have asbestos re-inspection survey and this should be done at least yearly this is very helpful since it is one way of keeping the building safe from any asbestos risks. However any company dealing with asbestos must be professional and very experienced as this is a very sensitive industry that needs accuracy in whatever they do.

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