Book Casual Dinner For Your Next Luncheon

Planning a luncheon requires an appealing venue that accommodates all attendees effectively. The host must choose appropriate seating for their guests and ensure that everyone is comfortable. Reviewing dining options for a luncheon helps the host choose the best selections for impressing their guests and making their event a huge success.

Is Buffet-Style Dining Right for the Luncheon?

Buffet-style dining gives the attendees a chance to review the food options casually and take what they want. The dining experience is more relaxed and doesn’t require a set schedule. If the luncheon must flow on a specific time schedule, sitdown meals with waitstaff are more appropriate.

Would Platters be More Affordable for the Event?

Platters accommodate a specific number of attendees. When reviewing the total number of attendees, the host determines if platters are a better choice and if the platters offer a more affordable choice for their event. Reviewing the platter options determines if the menu selections are the best choice for the event.

How Large are the Sides?

Evaluating how large the side dishes are can help the planner determine if the portions will accommodate their guests during the event. Reviewing the different types of side dishes helps the planner choose the most appropriate foods for the event. Determining how many people each side will feed helps the planner make the best choices and accommodate the meal requirements for all their guests.

What Dessert Selections are Available?

For a luncheon, the planner can choose a variety of dessert selections for their guests. They can select cakes, pies, or danishes according to how formal the luncheon is. If the luncheon is for a group of friends, casual dessert choices are most appropriate and offer some delicious to end the meal.

Luncheons are held for a variety of reasons including annual social club gatherings. The menu for the luncheon is the centerpiece of the entire event and requires the host to make the absolute best choices. Reviewing the menu selections offered by a local caterer helps the host find wonderful selections for everyone. Luncheon hosts who want to learn more about booking an event contact BBQ catering services from Select Catering right now.