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* Abra   History "Famous for digging a hole eleven feet deep" anon
* Abraham © Ren & Stimpy, Nickelodeon Animation, T.V. Show Granny renamed Ren this when she adopted him
Ace ® Batman, Detective Comics Comic Book Bruce Wayne's pet, who became Bat Hound to fight crime at his master's side DP
Adam Fink © The Adventures of Captain Jack, Mike Kazaleh, Fantagraphics Books Comic Book Jack's robot-dog sidekick
Adjutant © The Guiness Book of World Records, Revised Ed., 1966 History / Literature As of 1977, he was the oldest dog ever; a "labrador gun dog" born 8/14/36, died 11/20/63
Adolph ® Dinglehoofer and His Dog Comic Strip Original pet oftitle character, replaced just before WWI 11
Adolph © Ruthless People, 1986 Movie Sam's doberman purchased to eat Muffy
Adonis ® American Kennel Club's Stud Book, 1878 History / Literature #1 stud, English Setter MUH
Agent K-13 Get Smart, 1965-70 T.V. Show   2
Aibe ®   History King Connacht of Ireland offered 6,000 cows for this Wolfhound that lived in the 1100's MUH
Al Hocus Pocus, 1993 Movie Female mutt 2
Alan Babe 2: Pig in the City, 1998 Movie Neapolitan mastiff 2
Albie © The Beverly Hillbillies, 1962-71 T.V. Show Ellie Mae's small shaggy (terrier?) mutt, first season
Alex Stroh's Beer Advertisement Golden retriever of the early 90's that was trained to fetch and open beer for his master KLR
Alfred Heartbeat, 1991 T.V. Show Claude Greengrass' pet anon
Algonquin, or Gonk © Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, 1988 Movie Punked-out poodle familiar left to Elvira by her great-aunt
Algy Pug © Rupert, 1999 Animated Cartoon, T.V. Show Rupert's close friend
Aloysius Pee-Wee's Playhouse, 1986 T.V. Show Pee Wee found him & wanted to keep him in Puppy in the Playhouse
Alpha © Bewitched, 1964-72 T.V. Show Dog/alien from Parenthia conjured up by Aunt Clara
Amber © The Pink Panther, Blake Edwards, 1963 Movie The princess' litte black dog that David Nivens "saves" to gain her trust
Ambrosius Labyrinth, Jim Henson, 1986 Movie Old English sheepdog used as a mount by Sir Didymus, the bridge-keeper MJL
Amstral I'll Fly Away, 1991 Movie   2
Andretti © Leprochaun, 1993 Movie Rottweiler in the junkyard
Andromeda The Parent Trap, 1961 Movie German shepherd 2
Andy ® Peanuts, Charles Schulz Comic Strip Snoopy's beagle brother DP
Angus Mr. Magoo, 1997 Movie Bulldog 2
Angus © SpyDogs, Haim Saban, 1998 Animated Cartoon, T.V. Show Brown Scottie, makes gadgets
Antonio The Drew Carey Show, 1995-99 T.V. Show Mimi's pug 2
Anubis © Egyptian Mythology History Egyptian jackal-god of the afterlife; some argue he was a Pharoah hound or greyhound
Anushka Babushka © Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist Animation, T.V. Show Cohort of Oliver; gray & brown, speaks with a Russian accent
Apollo © Magnum P.I., 1980-88 T.V. Show One of Higgins' Dobermans LSR
Apollo © Street Sharks, 1992 Animation, T.V. Show Maximillian Greco's chihuahua
Archie Another Stakeout, 1993 Movie Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers repsectively encourage and discourage Archie from chasing a neighbor's cat MJL
Archie © Summer Rental, 1985 Movie Chester family pet
Argus ® Greek Mythology History The old dog of Odysseus that recognized its master on his return to Ithaca after an absence of 19 years DP
Arlo ® Various Erma Bombeck works History / Literature Irish Setter MUH
* Arlo Citizen Dog, Mark O'Hare Comic Strip Fergus' best friend FEI
Arnold Life Goes On, 1989-93 T.V. Show   FOZ
Arnold Tiny Toon Adventures, Warner Brothers 1990-92 Animation, T.V. Show Large white police dog & Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator Aq
Art © Teddy & Art / Oh Yeah! Cartoons, Nickelodeon Animation, T.V. Show
* Ashley   History Frisbee-catching champion whippet, owned by Alex Stein, appeared on half-time shows anon
Asta © Nick & Nora North Mysteries / The Thin Man Series, etc; 1930's / Dashiell Hammett Movie Series / T.V. Show / Literature Played by Skippy the wire hair (or wire fox?) terrier; in novel was a Schnauzer Mom
Astro © The Jetsons, Hanna-Barbera, 1962 Animation, T.V. Show Voiced by Don Messick
Augie Doggie © The Huckleberry Hound Show, Hanna-Barbera, 1958 Animation, T.V. Show Voiced by Daws Butler
* Auld Mustard ® Guy Mannering, Sir Walter Scott Literature Pet of the fictional character Dandie Dinmont 10
* Auld Pepper ® Guy Mannering, Sir Walter Scott Literature Pet of the fictional character Dandie Dinmont 10
* Axel © Fusco Brothers, J.C. Duffy Comic Strip Dog who thinks he is a wolverine... or vice versa?
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Baby Face Nelson The Doberman Gang, 1972 Movie Doberman pinscher 2
Balto ® The New Complete Siberian Husky, M. Jennings History / Literature Siberian husky that led his team 650 miles from Nenana to Nome carrying Diptheria serum, 1925 MUH
Balto © Balto, Amblin Entertainment, 1995 Animation, Movie Half-wolf, half-husky from film loosely based on true story; voiced by Kevin Bacon
Bandit © Johnny Quest, 1964-5 & 1998 Animation, T.V. Show Johnny's white & black dog AEJ
Bandit Little House on the Prairie, 1974 T.V. Show Succeeded Jack 2
Barfolomew, or Barf © Spaceballs, Mel Brooks, 1987 Movie Half-man, half-dog played by John Candy JCP
Barfy Family Circus, Bil Keane, Cowles Synd. Inc. Comic Strip   HLH
Barghest © Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell, 1978 Movie, Reference The 3-eyed demon that fathers a litter of Devil Dogs every 1,000 years; movie features Richard Crenna & kids from Witch Mountain
Barkerville Pound Puppies, 1986 Toy / Animation, T.V. Show / Cartoon, Literature The crew's mission coordinator CAT
Barkley Meego, 1997 T.V. Show Jack Russell terrier that played the title role 2
Barkley © Sesame Street, PBS, 1969-99 T.V. Show Originally named Woof-Woof; played by Bruce Connelly box
* Barky © South Park Animation, T.V. Show Terrence & Phillip's pet
Barky Marky ® Tiny Toons, Warner Brothers Animation, T.V. Show Bulldog in park who always wants to play ball RAD
Barley Playing by Heart, 1998 Movie Gillian Anderson's pet. Anyone know the breed??? 2
Barnabus The Sandman, Neil Gaiman, DC/Vertigo Comic Book Delirium's talking pet, given to her by her brother Destruction JAJ
* Barnard's Tom ®   History The patriarch of the Boston terrier breed (late 1800's) 10
Barney © Fluke, MGM, 1995; Homeward Bound II History / Movies Played Rumbo in Fluke & one of the dogs in Homeward Bound II
Barnyard Dog, The ® Walky Talky Hawky etc; Warner Brothers cartoons, 1946-58 Animation Foghorn Leghorn's nemesis in over a dozen cartoons; sometimes called "Barnyard Dawg" box
Baron ® Back to God's Country, 1953 Movie   NVM
Barry ®   History Saint Bernard who rescued 41 people around 1800; his stuffed body is (was?) on display at the Swiss Museum in Berne MUH
Barry © Barry: The Bravest St. Bernard, Lynn Hall Literature Title character of children's book.
* Barry Meet the Feebles, Peter Jackson Movie Bulldog in sick puppet-movie FEI
Bascom ® Hollywood or Bust, 1956 Movie   NVM
Baskerville © The Hound of the Baskervilles, Arthur Conan Doyle Reference, Literature / Movie Reference to an actually nameless ghostly hound that haunts the Baskerville family in this Sherlock Holmes mystery
Bastard © And the Ass Saw the Angel, Nick Cave Literature Bums' "small roan mongrel" from whom Euchrid learns he can speak to dogs
Bat Hound ® Batman, Detective Comics Comic Book The crime fighting alter-ego of Bruce Wayne's dog, Ace 11
Battina, or Batty © Sesame Street, PBS, 1969-99 / Cinderella, William Wegman, 1993 History / T.V. Show / Literature, Photography One of photographer/artist William Wegman's famous weimaraners
Baxter ® Baxter, Jˇr™me Boivin, 1988 / Hell Hound, Ken Greenhall Movie / Literature White Bull Terrier who bumps off one human after another to get what he wants RTM
Bear Crimson Tide, 1995 Movie Australian cattle dog 2
* Beasley © Turner and Hooch Movie The Dogue de Bordeaux that played Hooch
* Beau ® Iron Will Movie Siberian husky who played Will Stoneman's lead dog, Gus AMH
Beauregard Pogo, Walt Kelly Comic Strip Pogo's hound friend MTD
Beauregard, Jr. ® Hee Haw, 1969-92 T.V. Show Sleeping hound dog 11
Beautiful Joe ® Beautiful Joe: The True Story of a Brave Dog, Quinn Currie & Marshall Saunde Literature Mongrel RaJ
Beauty © Barbie(tm), Mattell, 1980 Toy, Public Nuisance Barbie's Afghan hound anon
Beegle Beagle ® The Grape Ape Show, Hanna-Barbera, 1975 Animation, T.V. Show Grape Ape's sidekick, whom he referred to as "Beegily-Beagily" MEJ
Beethoven © Beethoven movies, early 1990'2 Movie St. Bernard from Hell SGM
Bek ® Selected Works, Ivan Pavlov History / Literature Pavlov refers to the responses of a dog by this name DMB
Belka © Sputnik 5, 1960 History Means "Squirrel;" shot into space on Russian satellite
Belle Belle et Sébastien / Belle and Sebastian, 1965 T.V. Show / Animation Great Pyrenées from French b&w series KSW
Belle © Peanuts, Charles Schulz Comic Strip Snoopy's beagle sister DP
Belvedere © Belvedere, George Crenshaw Comic Strip
Belvedere ® Doggone South, Warner Brothers Animation One of bulldog MarcAntony's "character roles" RJT
Benji © Benji series, 1970's Movie Series Super-intelligent mutt; possibly a terrier mix
* Benson © Time Bandits, Columbia Tristar,1981 Movie Evil's henchman whom he turned into an English sheepdog (supplied by Joan Woodgate)
Bernie © Ty Beanie Babies® Toy "Bernie the St. Bernard"
Bertha ® Boob McNutt, Rube Goldberg Comic Strip McNutt's Siberian cheeshound purchased 01/24/25 11
Betty Boop © Betty Boop, Max Fleischer Animation Betty Boop was originally a dog
Biff ® Biff & Tiff, Miami Linguistic Reader Literature   MEJ
Big Bob Garfield's 9 Lives, Jim Davis Cartoon, Literature Big, green, prehistoric Odie MEJ
Big Dog © Two Stupid Dogs, 1993 Animation, T.V. Show Voiced by Brad Garrett; see also "Jonathan" anon
Big Steve The Stand, Stephen King Literature Saves protagonist's life & fathers all post-superflu dogs; later renamed "Kojak" KWM
Bigs All of me, 1984 Movie Briard mix 2
Bijou ® Apple's Way, 1974-75 T.V. Show Apple family pet 11
Bijou © Hooperman, 1987-89 T.V. Show Title character's pet
Bill ® The Courage of Lassie, 1946 Movie Kathie Merrick's collie 11
Bimbo © Betty Boop, Max Fleischer Animation Betty Boop's dog / boyfriend. AJP
Bingo © B-I-N-G-O Song "There was a farmer had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o..."
Bingo © Bingo!, Matthew Robbins, 1991 Movie Some say mutt, some say border collie MJL
Bingo © Cracker Jacks Trademark, Advertisement Cracker Jack's dog
Biscuit ® Biscuit books, Pat Schories & Alyssa Satin Capucilli Cartoon, Literature Star of I Can Read children's book series MJL
Bitsy ® Marvin Comic Strip Originally identified as a Shih Tzu JCJ
Black Knight ®   History Pekingese "Made a Freeman" in London circa 1950; permitted to feed goats, enter all public buildings, & hunt polecats MUH
Black Tooth ® The Soupy Sales Show, 1959-1962 T.V. Show "The kindest dog in the country;" puppet voiced by Frank Nastasi FOZ
Blair ® Rescued by Rover, Cecil Hepworth, 1904 Movie / History The first dog (a collie) ever to actually "star" in its own movie MUH
* Blasius ® Liebe auf krummen Beinen, 1959 Movie Played "Dog" 1
Blitz © Road Rovers, 1996 Animation, T.V. Show Schwartzenegger-esque Doberman pinscher
Bloo © Bloo's Gang / What-A-Cartoon Show, Cartoon Network Animated Cartoon, T.V. Show Big and -- that's right -- blue
Blood © A Boy and His Dog, Harlan Ellison, 1975 Literature / Movie Telepathic sidekick of character played by Don Johnson in the 70's AEJ
Blue © Blue's Clues, 1996 Animation, T.V. Show Animated Blue is the pet of live-action Steve in this children's show on PBS & Nickelodeon MJL
Blue ® Cool Hand Luke, 1967 Movie Hound dog that kills himself in an attempt to track down the title character 2+11
Blue Beagle, The © The Blue Beagle, Tim Fuller /Critters, Fantagraphics Books Comic Book Dirk's secret identity
Blue Boy The Education of Little Tree, 1997 Movie Blue tick coonhound 2
* Blue Dog © Blue Dog paintings & novels, George Rodrigue Painting / Literature Electric blue dog with piercing yellow eyes who is making artist Rodrigue a very wealthy man
Bluebell Animal Farm, George Orwell Literature   anon
* Boatswain ®   History The first Irish water spaniel, born in 1834 10
Boatswain ® Typee, Herman Melville Literature Dog aboard the whaler ship Dolly 11
Bob The Parent Trap, 1998 Movie Played Sammy the golden retriever 2
* Bob Poirot T.V. Show Played by Snobby in the episode "Dumb Witness" of this English series -- anybody know the breed? anon
Bob ® Tale of Little Pig Robinson, Beatrix Potter Literature Retriever anon
* Bob © Watership Down, Richard Adams Literature The black lab on Nuthanger Farm
Bob Dog © Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, PBS, 1968-99 T.V. Show Man in brown dog suit
* Bobbie Bobbie, a Great Collie, Charles Alexander History / Literature Ran away while on vacation w/ his family in Indiana, showed up 6 months later @ their home in Oregon SPS
* Bobby © The Uninvited, 1944 Movie Roderick & Pamela's short, chubby, shaggy, light-colored (Australian? cairn?) terrier
Bobo © Zenon Comic Strip Zenon's dog robot - no ears, tail, or mouth, but cheaper than a tobo
Bodger © The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford / Disney, 1963 Literature / Movie Old white bull terrier who travels 250 miles with Tao & Luath 11
Bones the Dog © Ty Beanie Babies® Toy Brown w/ darker ears
Bonnie ® Blue Peter, BBC, 1958-98 T.V. Show Goldie's daughter (from her 2nd litter); she took over when Goldie retired in the mid 80's PEJ
Bonnie The Doberman Gang, 1972 Movie Doberman pinscher 2
Bonzo the Dog © Walter Lantz Animation Circa 1920
* Boo Me and You and a Dog Named Boo, Lobo Song   JRS
Boomer Here's Boomer, 1980-82 T.V. Show Short-lived Benji knockoff series CCS
Boomer Independence Day, 1996 Movie Jasmine and Dylan's Yellow Labrador TY
Boomer ® Makanda, IL, 1859 History Hound dog that died trying to put out a fire to save his master
Boot, or Boots ® Emergency!, 1972-77 T.V. Show Shaggy pooch found at the station on & off seasons 2 - 5 EMB
Boss ® Wilmington, NC History He burned to death trying to save his master (William Ellerbrook) from a fire; a monument to him was erected in 1880
Bosun © Uncle Wiggily storybooks, Howard R. Garis Literature "The old sea dog who was first mate on Uncle Wiggily's amusement raft"
* Bouboule ® Bouboule: Mme. Palmyre's Bulldog, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, 1800's Painting "Sketched as an extension of the owner's personality"
Bouhaki ®   History Pet dog pictured in a tomb in the necropolis of Thebes.
* Bounce ®   History One of the first 4 recognized modern pointers 10
Bourbon ® Call of the Wild, 1976 Movie Played the lead in made-for-T.V. movie NVM
Bowser Mr. Magoo, 1964 Comic Strip / Animation, T.V. Show Mr. Magoo's cat, whom he thought was a dog MEJ
Bowser Nobody's Fool, 1994 Movie Doberman pinscher 2
Boy ® Pete the Tramp, C.D. Russell Comic Strip Title character's mutt 11
Boy ® Petticoat Junction, 1963-70 T.V. Show Bradley family's pet 11
Brain © Inspector Gadget, 1983 Animation, T.V. Show Penny's crime-solving dog, voiced by Frank Welker
Brandon © Punky Brewster, 1984-6 T.V. Show Punky's golden retriever
Brandy © The Guiness Book of World Records, Revised Ed., 1966 History / Literature As of 1966, she was the heaviest dog ever @ 259 lbs; a St. Bernard
Braveheart © Inch High Private Eye, Hanna-Barbera Animation
* Bravo Bravo Animation, T.V. Show Laughs like an asthmatic FEI
Brian © Family Guy, 1999 Animated Cartoon, T.V. Show He's white & he talks
Bridget Murphy © What Do People Do All Day? Richard Scarry, Random House Cartoon, Literature Young daughter of Sergeant Murphy; a brown hound-type dog
* Brigadier © The Incredible Journey, 1963 Literature / Movie "Ch. Brigadier of Brompton;" puppy lined up to replace Bodger
Britches Little Caesar's Pizza Advertisement Rat terrier KHD
Broadbridge Michael © The Guiness Book of World Records, Revised Ed., 1966 History / Literature As of 1966, he was the tallest dog ever; an Irish wolfhound 39.5" @ the shoulder
Broderick ® The Captain and Tennille, 1976-77 T.V. Show Pet and costar of title characters 11
Brown ® The Westerner, 1960 T.V. Show Pet of Dave Blasingame 11
* Bruno ® Bosko cartoons, Warner Bros/Looney Tunes, 1931-33 Animation Bosko's pet; debut: "Bosko's Fox Hunt," 1931 12
Bruno Cinderella, Disney, 1950 Animation, Movie Lucifer's canine nemesis, voiced by James G. MacDonald JLR
Bruno ® Mutt and Jeff Comic Strip Augustus Mutt's pet 11
Bruno © Ty Beanie Babies® Toy "Bruno the terrier;" brown w/ white
* Brunswick © Dick, 1999 Movie Played Checkers in fictionalized Watergate movie (but s/he's a pointer, not a cocker spaniel)
Brutus ©   History Miniature dachshund who is the only Humane Society- & veterinarian-approved skydiving animal in the world.
Brutus ® The Invisible Man, 1940 Movie Dr. Drury's invisible German shepherd; kills the title character 11
Brutus ® The Ugly Dachshund, Disney, 1966 Movie Title dog; actually a Great Dane raised by a Dachshund 1
Buck A Boy and His Dog, 1946 Movie Mutt 2
Buck ® Call of the Wild, Jack London, 1903 Literature / Movie Half shepherd, half St. Bernard kidnapped from his family & made a sled dog, then becomes leader of the wolves DH
Buck ® The Gumps Comic Strip Pet of title characters 11
* Buck Hanging Up Movie Breed? (looks like a St. Bernard?) anon
Buck © Married...With Children, 1987-97 T.V. Show The Bundys' first dog, a shaggy brown Briard
Buck ® Topper, 1953 T.V. Show The St. Bernard that played Neal 11
Bud Dharma & Greg, 1997-99 / The Accidental Tourist, 1988 T.V. Show / Movie The Cardigan Welsh corgi that played Nunzio & Edward 2
Buddha Five Corners, Handmade Films Ltd., 1987 Movie Owned by Harry (Tim Robbins); saves Linda's (Jodie Foster) life JML
Buddy ®   History German Shepherd; first seeing-eye dog, 1928 (see also "Kiss") MUH
* Buddy Ontario, Canada, late 1980's ~ early 90's History Possibly the only witness to Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka Schoolgirl Murders; Buddy was Karla's Rottweiler anon
Buddy ©   History Any of "Air Bud's" 3 pups
Buddy © Air Bud, Disney, 1997 Movie / History Hoop-shooting golden retriever
Buddy Regarding Henry, Mike Nichols, 1991 Movie Film stars Harrison Ford & Annette Benning KSW
Buddy © Veronica's Closet, 1997 T.V. Show Bulldog Mom
Buddy the Wonder Dog ® Hee Haw, 1969-92 T.V. Show   11
Bullet ® Spoilers of the Plains, 1951 / The Roy Rogers Show, 1951-7 Movie / T.V. Show Roy Rogers' German shepherd RJT
Bulls-eye ® Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens Literature Bill Syke's viscious white dog MUH
Bum ® Fairplay, CO History He died of grief over the death of his burro friend, Shorty; they are buried together in the Fairplay courthouse lawn
Bummer ® Bummer & Lazarus, Malcolm E. Barker Literature / History "Bummer & Lazarus: San Francisco's Famous Dogs: A True Story, As Reported In The Newspapers Of 1861-1865"
Bumpy Dog © Noddy, PBS, 1999 Animation, T.V. Show So named because he's always knocking people over; lives w/ Tessie Bear
* Bunker © Very Bad Things Movie Black dog; loses a leg in the car accident near the end
Burger Beagle © Duck Tales, Disney, 1987 Animation, T.V. Show One of the villainous Beagle Boys
* Buster ® Agnes Browne, 1999 Movie Played Sparticus the dog 1
Buster ® Edith Ann skits, Lily Tomlin Comedy Routine Edith Ann's dog 11
Butch Felix the Cat Animation, T.V. Show The Professor's thug; a.k.a. "Rock Bottom" JM
Butch I Love Lucy, 1951-57 T.V. Show Fred Mertz's pet 2
Butch © Tom & Jerry, MGM Animation Dog in early cartoons KSW
Butch © Ty Beanie Babies® Toy "Butch the Bull Terrier;" white w/ black spots
Butkis Rocky, 1976 Movie   LSR
Butler © Star Trek: Generations, 1994 Movie Kirk's Great Dane
Buttons © Animaniacs, Warner Brothers, 1993-98 Animation, T.V. Show He chases Mindy. "Okay, I love you, b'bye!"
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Cabal ® Idylls of the King, Alfred Lord Tennyson Literature King Arthur's dog; also spelled "Cavall" MSE
Cadpig The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Dodie Walker Literature In the book, she's the runt of the litter Wan
* Caeser © Bram Stoker's Shadowbuilder Movie Doberman at the vet's office who escapes the title character by sitting in front of a desk lamp
Caesar Our Man Flint, 1965 Movie Derek Flint's watchdog 2+11
Caesar ® Trapped a.k.a. Doberman Patrol, 1973 Movie Movie was made-for-T.V. NVM
Calculator ® National Infantry Museum, Fort Benning, GA History, Mascot Enlisted men's beloved pet who was buried here in 1923 after being poisoned
Camille © Barb Wire, 1996 Movie Rottweiller employee of the Hammerhead that is trained to go for the groin
* Camille © Turner and Hooch Movie The vet's rough collie & mother of Hooch's pups
Candy Little Dog Lost, Meindert de Jong / Disney, 1963 Literature / Movie Pembroke Welsh Corgi SiA
* Canis Major ® Greek Mythology History The constellation is named after one of the two dogs of Orion, the Boeotian hunter 14
* Canis Minor ® Greek Mythology History The constellation is named after one of the two dogs of Orion, the Boeotian hunter 14
Cannibal © The Ref, 1994 Movie Willard's rottweiler who bites Dennis Leary
Canny © The Mr. Potatohead Show, 1998 T.V. Show Puppet made of tin cans
* Canton ®   History Black Newfoundland (f) shipwreck survivor; bred w/ Am. retriever to create 1st Chesapeake Bay retrievers 10
* Cap ® Rusty: A Dog's Tail a.k.a. The Great Rescue, 1997 Movie Voiced by Patrick Duffy 1
Careless Ann ® Guiness Book of World Records History, Literature Saint Bernard holding world's record for largest litter MUH
Carface Caruthers ® All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, MGM, 1996 Animation, Movie Bulldog villain; see also "Luthor Carface" SGM
Carl © Carl's Christmas, Carl's Birthday, Alexandra Day Cartoon, Literature Rottweiler star of children's books
Carl Maximum Bob, 1998 Movie Rottweiler trained to attack anyone who says "honeymuffin" 2
Cerberus © Greek Mythology History The 3-headed, dragon-tailed dog @ the gates of Hades. Mom
* Cha-Cha © Major League Movie Mrs. Phelps' dog
Chainsaw © Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar, Disney, 1967 Movie The little bitty doggie of which Charlie is terrified
Champion ® Ellery Queen, Jr. mystery series Literature Djuna's old black Scottie 11
Chance Air Bud: Golden Receiver, 1998 Movie One of the 6 goldens that played the title role 2
Chance © Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Disney, 1993 Literature / Movie Bulldog who crosses country w/ a golden retriever & a cat
Charley © Travels With Charley, John Steinbeck Literature / History Steinbeck's poodle, traveling companion, and namesake for this novel MJL
Charlie The Absent-Minded Professor, 1961 Movie   2
Charlie © The Guiness Book of World Records, Bantam Ed., 1963 History / Literature As of 1963, he was the strongest dog ever; a husky who shifted a 3,142-lb sledge
Charlie Hart to Hart, 1979-84 T.V. Show The dog who played Freeway 2
Charlie Barkin © All Dogs Go To Heaven, MGM, 1989 Animation, Movie Lead late pooch; voiced by Steven Weber box
Charlie Dog ® Little Orphan Airedale etc; Warner Brothers cartoons, 1947-51 Animation Tan dog with dark brown ears always trying to "sell" himself to a new master RJT
Chase Air Bud: Golden Receiver, 1998 Movie One of the 6 goldens that played the title role 2
Chaucer Foul Play, 1978 Movie Schanuzer 2
Cheffon ® The Shaggy Dog, 1959 / The Shaggy D.A., 1976, Disney Movie The name of the sheepdog Wilby turned into; in first movie, dog was a rare "Bratislavian" sheepdog RJT
Chernushka © Sputnik 9, 1961 History Means "Blackie;" shot into space on Russian satellite
* Chester ® Jack Frost, Warner Brothers, 1998 Movie Played by Mr. Chips -- anybody know the breed? some kind of terrier? DKD
* Chester ® Tree for Two, Dr. Jerkyl's Hide, Warner Brothers, 1952-54 Animation Little dog who worships Spike the bowler-wearing bulldog 12
Chester Drescher © The Nanny, 1993-99 / Cadillac Man 1990 T.V. Show / Movie / History Fran Drescher's Pomeranian KSW
Chesty Pagett ® United States Marine Corps Mascot Bulldog that succeeded Sgt.-Major Jiggs 11
Chewy Dharma & Greg, 1997-99 T.V. Show / Movie The mutt that plays Stinky 2
Chi-Chi © For Your Love, 1998 T.V. Show 1 of the names given to dog played by Jill the Brussels Griffon Mom
* Chico Next Friday Movie Anyone know the breed? anon
Chief © The Fox and the Hound, Disney, 1981 Animation, Movie Gray doggie
Chief ® The Hound of the Baskervilles, 1939 Movie The 140 lb. great Dane that played title role 11
Chief © Uncle Wiggily's Stories to Read Aloud, Howard R. Garis Literature "The big Police Dog"
Chien Andilou, Un © Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog), Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali, 1928 Movie, Reference Title of classic surrealist film ("An Andalusian Dog:" "chien" is French for "dog")
Ching-Ching II Just Around the Corner, 1938 Movie Temple's real-life Pekingese 2
Chinook ® Yukon Manhunt, 1951 / Yukon Gold, 1952 Movies White shepherd NVM
Chip © Cookie Crisp cereal Animation, Advertisement Cookie Crook's dog & partner in crime
Chipper © His Master's Voice, RCA Trademark, Advertisement Nipper's cloying sidekick AJP
Chipper Land of the Giants, 1968 T.V. Show Barry Lockridge's little dog 2+11
Chips ® Chips the War Dog, 1990 History, Movie German shepherd; 1st US sentry dog sent overseas in WWII; awarded silver star & purple heart 11
Chips © Ty Dog House Collection® Toy Brown terrier
Chloe The Ugly Dachshund, Disney, 1966 Movie Means "blooming" 3
* Chopper Stand By Me Movie The junkyard owner's attack dog; "Chopper, sic balls!" PTR
Chopper ® Yakkie Doodle Duck, Hanna-Barbera Animation, T.V. Show Yakkie's bulldog protector, voiced by Vance Colvig MEJ
Chota Peg ®   History Buff American Cocker who logged 13 years & 2 million nautical miles at sea aboard the S.S. United States MUH
Chou Chou The Clock, 1945 Movie Judy Garlands' dog 2
Chow Mein, or Chowsie Gypsy, 1962 Movie Yorshire terrier 2
Chu-Chu ® Amazing Chan & the Chan Clan, Hanna-Barbera, 1972 Animation, T.V. Show The Clan's dog, voiced by Don Messick 11+1
Chubby © Relative Fear, 1995 Movie Grandpa's black terrier
Chuck Up the Creek, Orion, 1984 Movie Black and white border collie anon
Churchill © Ty Dog House Collection® Toy Tan & white bulldog puppy
Cinders ® Casey Jones, 1958 T.V. Show The Jones family pet 11
* Clancy © Resurrection, 1980 Movie Ellen Burstyn's little shaggy black & white pooch
Claude © The Beverly Hillbillies, 1962-71 T.V. Show Mrs. Dreisdale's poodle
Cleo ® The People's Choice, 1955-58 T.V. Show Basset Hound with audible thoughts, voiced by Mary Jane Croft MJL
Cliff © CatDog, Nickelodeon, 1998-99 Animation, T.V. Show Leader of The Greaser Dogs
Clifford © Clifford the Big Red Dog, Norman Bridwell Cartoon, Literature Giant dog of children's storybook series
Clyde The Doberman Gang, 1972 Movie Doberman pinscher 2
Cody © The Lost Boys, 1987 Movie The Siberian husky that played Nanook JFD
Colleen © Road Rovers, 1996 Animation, T.V. Show "Cano-sapien" collie
Colonel, The ® 101 Dalmatians, Disney, 1961 Animation, Movie Older dog 11
Comet © Full House, 1987-95 T.V. Show Golden Retriever CAT
Commander K-9 ® Looney Toons, Warner Brothers Animation Marvin the Martian's dog MC
Cooler Pound Puppies, 1986 Toy / Animation, T.V. Show / Cartoon, Literature The leader of the gang CAT
Copernicus ® Back to the Future, 1985 Movie That professor guy's dog (in the 50's) Yak
* Copper ® Raleigh, NC History 3-legged dog that saved family from a fire
Copper © The Fox and the Hound, Daniel P. Mannix / Disney, 1981 Literature / Animation, Movie The hound MUH
* Cordelia © Paws, 1997 Movie Susie's fluffy white pet
Corky ® Behave Yourself, 1951 Movie   NVM
Corky © Ty Dog House Collection® Toy Tan cocker spaniel
Corn Doggie © Ball Park Franks Mascot, Cartoon Corn dog with legs and a face! yum!
Cosmo City of New York Kiosks Animation?   MEJ
Cosmo House Arrest, 1996 Movie Matt (Mooky Arizona)'s white and brown American bulldog
Courage © Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cartoon Network, 2000 Animation, T.V. Show Skittish farm pup with very bizarre luck
* Crab ® The Two Gentlemen of Verona, William Shakespeare Play The mischievous pet of the servant Luance anon
Crystal © To Dance with the White Dog, Hallmark Hall of Fame, 1993 Movie Australian sheepdog & title character
Cuddly Dudley © The Ray Raynor Show T.V. Show Big orange puppet RAD
Cujo © Cujo, Steven King / Lewis Teague, 1983 Literature / Movie Viscious mad dog; in the movie he was a St. Bernard
* Cupcake ®   History German Sheherd who was a corporal. Anyone have more info? (saw him on Animal Planet)
Curly Call of the Wild, 1935 Movie Newfoundland 2
Cynthia ® Green Acres, 1965-71 T.V. Show Mr. Haney's bassett hound 2
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D.C. K-9 Baron ® U.S. Police Canine Association History White shepherd who was USPCA's top dog in 1978 NVM
Daisy © Blondie, Dean Young & Stan Drake Comic Strip / Movie Dagwood & Blondie Bumstead's gray dog
Daisy Newsradio, 1995-99 T.V. Show Beagle 2
* Daisy Soccer Dog, 1998 Movie Burger's slobbering rottweiler
Dalgoda Dalgoda, late 80's Comic Book Dog-like alien come to Earth seeking help in an interstellar war TL
Dakota © Ty Dog House Collection® Toy Gray & white husky
Danger, A Dog Named © Outland, Berkeley Breathed, Washington Post Writers Group Comic Strip From Secret Thoughts of Your Dog, etc.
Danke The Ugly Dachshund, Disney, 1966 Movie Mommy Dachshund 1
Daphne © Look Who's Talking Now, 1993 Movie "Talking" poodle whose thoughts are voiced by Diane Keaton MSE
* Dashiell ® A Hell of a Dog / This Dog for Hire, Carol Lea Benjamin Literature Pit bull terrier PBP
Davey Dog © What Do People Do All Day? Richard Scarry, Random House Cartoon, Literature Bulldog-looking pup
Dawg Hi and Lois Comic Strip Flagston family pet 11
* Diesel © Snow Dogs, 2002 Movie
Delilah Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Fransisco, 1996 Movie The white girl-dog the family adopts JCB
Delta ®   History Dog found at Pompeii beside the remains of a child MUH
* Demon © Snow Dogs, 2002 Movie Voiced by Jim Belushi
Deputy Dawg © Deputy Dawg, Terrytoons Animation, T.V. Show Canine Crazy Guggenheim box
Desoto ® Oliver & Company, Disney, 1988 Animation, Movie Doberman RMB
Digby © Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World, 1973 Movie Title sheepdog who is made a giant by "liquid Project X" MJL
Digby Dog Magic Literature Children's book 3
Dinky National Lampoon's Vacation, 1983 Movie Golden retriever 2
Dinky ® Taco Bell, late 1990's Advertisement Popular Chihuahua; some say it's actually "Gidget" Mom
Dino © The Flintstones, Hanna-Barbera, 1960-66 Animation, T.V. Show The Flintstones' dinosaur-dog; a "snorkasaurus"
Dippy Dawg ® Walt Disney Animation Goofy's original name 11
Dipstick © 101 Dalmatians, Disney, 1996 Movie / Animation, T.V. Show
Dirk © The Blue Beagle, Tim Fuller / Critters, Fantagraphics Books Comic Book The Blue Beagle's alter ego
Dirty Dog © Pee-Wee's Playhouse, 1986 T.V. Show Blue-furred member of the beatnik Puppet Band
Dixie © Balto, Amblin Entertainment, 1995 Animation, Movie Little gray flirt; voiced by Sandra Dickinson
Dizzy © History Wright State lab animal so (mockingly) named because she circled endlessly in her cage
Doby © Ty Beanie Babies® Toy "Doby the doberman"
Doctor Dog © What Do People Do All Day? Richard Scarry, Random House Cartoon, Literature Surgeon at the hospital; looks like a beagle or something
Dodger Oliver & Company, Disney, 1988 Animation, Movie   TY
Dog Big Jake, 1971 Movie John Wayne's black collie LSR
Dog © CatDog, Nickelodeon, 1998-99 Animation, T.V. Show The canine half, voiced by Tom Kenny
Dog ® Columbo, 1968-99 T.V. Movies Bassett hound; some say his name was "Fang" KAF
Dog ® Family Dog, 1993 Animation / T.V. Show The dog that put the "fun" in "pet abuse!" (wait, there's no "fun" in that...) box
* Dog ® Liebe auf krummen Beinen, 1959 Movie Played by Blasius 1
Dog Mad Max 2: The Road Warior, 1981 Movie Mel Gibson's Australian cattle dog 2
Dog © Nacho & Dog, Taco Bell, mid 1990's Animation, Advertisment Taco-touting pooch
Dog Petticoat Junction, 1963-70 Movie? / T.V. Show He was also known as "Mr. Higgins" & he was played by the original Benji JRG
Dog Zero © SpyDogs, Haim Saban, 1998 Animated Cartoon, T.V. Show The boss, voiced by Adam West
Dogbert © Dilbert, Scott Adams, United Feature Syndicate Inc. Comic Strip Genius Leader of the DNRC
Doggie © King of the Hill, Mike Judge Animation, T.V. Show The Hills' Laotian neighbors' West Highland Terrier
Doggie Daddy © Hanna-Barbera Animation, T.V. Show Auggie Doggie's proud pa, voiced by DawsButler MEJ
Dogmatix Asterix series Comic Book Either Obelix's or Asterix's dog; i've been given conflicting info SGM
Dogstar Bucky O'Hare, 1989 Animation, T.V. Show Hound JSR
Dogzilla © The Buckets, Scott Stantis Comic Strip   Bro
Dollar © Richie Rich Comic Book / Animation, T.V. Show / Movie Richie's pet
* Domino © 102 Dalmatians, Disney Movie So called because of spots on his ears, apparently
Doobie Dry Bones, Jerusalem Post Comic Strip   MEJ
Doogan Metro, 1997 Movie Played Troy the mutt 2
Dorsey ©   History The USPS's only canine employee; worked a route in California from 1883-1886 Mom
Dottie © Three Dog Bakery, The Food Network T.V. Show Dalmatian host Mom
Dotty © Ty Beanie Babies® Toy "Dotty the dalmatian"
* Dotty Dog ® The Get-Along Gang, 1986 Animation, T.V. Show Voiced by Bettina 1
Dougal ® Little Lord Fauntleroy, Francis Hodgson Burnett Literature Fauntleroy's beloved mastiff JRA
* Doyng ® The Mork and Mindy/Laverne and Shirley/Fonz Hour, 1982-1983 Animation. T.V. Show Mork's 6-legged pet CCN
Dr. Bob © The Muppet Show, 1976-80 T.V. Show Character played by Rowlf in the hospital sketch TL
* Drake ®   History One of the first 4 recognized modern pointers 10
Dreyfus © Empty nest, 1988-95 T.V. Show St. Bernard/golden retriever mix
Droopy © Tex Avery, MGM Animation, T.V. Show Generally known as a poodle, but sometimes referred to as a bloodhound or a foxhound
Droppo MGM Animation, T.V. Show Droopy Dog's son MEJ
* Duchess © Snow Dogs, 2002 Movie
Duckworth © Duck Tales, Disney, 1987 Animation, T.V. Show Scrooge's butler
Dudley ® The Rich Little Show, 1976 T.V. Show Sheepdog 11
Duffy © Woody Woodpecker, Lantz Animation, T.V. Show Woody's little yellow dog that keeps biting the dogcatcher on the butt
Duke © The Beverly Hillbillies, 1962-71 T.V. Show Jed Clampett's hound dog
* Duke © Big Top Pee-Wee, 1988 Movie The Dog-Faced Boy, played by Benicio Del Toro
Duke ® Kelly, Jack Moore Comic Strip Title character's pet 11
Duke Kelly & Duke Comic Strip   MEJ
Duke ® Penrod, Booth Tarkington Comic Strip Title character's pet 11
Duke ® Swiss Family Robinson, Johann Rudolf Wyss Comic Strip Title characters' pet 11
Duke ® The Ugly Dachshund, 1966 Movie   NVM
Duncan © Homer, the Reluctant Soul; Non Sequitur, Wiley Comic Strip Eternal pet of Homer, whose reincarnations are chronicled in "The Reluctant Soul"
Dynomutt ® The Blue Falcon & Dynomutt Animation, T.V. Show   JDA

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