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E Buzz Poltergeist / James Kahn Movie / Literature Family pooch JFD
Eagle Air Bud: Golden Receiver, 1998 Movie One of the 6 goldens that played the title role 2
Eagle Breezy, 1973 Movie Played Sir Love-a-Lot 11
Earl City of Angels, 1998 Movie Labrador retriever 2
Earl Mutts, Patrick McDonnell Comic Strip Black & white mutt
Earnest Dave Barry History / Newspaper Column Dave Barry's dog #1
Ears Annabelle's Wish, 1997 Animation, T.V. Show Billy's bassett hound
Eddie Frasier T.V. Show Frasier's dad's Jack Russell terrier Mom
Edgar For Better or For Worse, Lynn Johnston Comic Strip The sheepdog that replaced Farley after he drowned box
Edison Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Movie Sheepdog MUH
Edward The Accidental Tourist Movie William Hurt's Cardigan Welsh corgi that he boards @ Geena Davis' animal hospital
Efram L'il Abner Comic Strip Fearless Fosdick's fearless dog 11
* Ein Cowboy Bebop Animation, T.V. Show Edward's corgy
Einstein Back to the Future Movie That professor guy's dog
Einstein Oliver & Company, Disney Animation, Movie   TY
Einstein The Watchers, Dean Koontz Literature / Movie Super-intelligent Golden Retriever KAM
Electra Cathy, Cathy Guisewite, Universal Press Syndicate Comic Strip Cathy's little brown dog
Elizabeth The Captain and Tennille, 1976-77 T.V. Show Pet and costar of title characters 11
Elmer Blondie Comic Strip One of Daisy's 5 puppies 11
Elmer the Moose Paul Bunyan stories American Folklore A terrier; one of Bunyan's three dogs 11
Elvis Bozo the Clown Animation, T.V. Show Bozo's friend/dog AJP
Enoch Mystery Science Theater 3000 T.V. Show The Demon Dog King from show #102 (The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy)
Enrique Tortilla Flat, John Steinbeck / 1942 Literature / Movie Pet of "The Pirate" 11
Entei Pokémon, Nintendo Video Game / T.V. Show, Animation One of the 3 legendary dogs; fire or ground?
Enzo Frasier, 1993 History / T.V. Show Moose's son & occasional stand-in Mom
Ex Warner Bros/Looney Tunes cartoons, 1935-6 Animation He & Ham are black & white twin pups; they're Beans the Cat's nephews 4+12
Exile Road Rovers Animation, T.V. Show "Cano-sapien" Siberian husky
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* Fairy Wogdog Watership Down, Richard Adams Literature Messenger of the the great Dog Spirit of the East, Queen Dripslobber; from Dandelion's story "Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog"
Fang Columbo, 1968-99 T.V. Movies Some say its name was just "Dog" anon
* Fang The Duplex Comic Strip Eno's dog
Farfel The Milton Berle Show, 1948-56 / Nestlés T.V. Show / Advertisement Jimmy Nelson's ventriloquist puppet KeA
Farfel Seinfeld, 1990-98 T.V. Show Pet of drunk plane passenger (Joseph Maher) who ends up in Jerry's care
Farley For Better or for Worse, Lynn Johnston Comic Strip Sheepdog that died of a heart attack after pulling April from a river
Faro The Kentuckian, 1955 Movie   NVM
Farouk Ironside, 1967-75 T.V. Show   NVM
Fast Eddie Here Comes Garfield, Jim Davis Cartoon, Literature / Animation, T.V. Show He was in the pound with Garfield and Odie MEJ
Fay Ray Sesame Street / Cinderella (1993), William Wegman History / T.V. Show / Literature, Photography One of photographer/artist William Wegman's famous weimaraners
* Fenton Afraid of the Dark, 1991 Movie One of the two dogs that played Toby
Fergus Citizen Dog, Mark O'Hare Comic Strip Title character, havoc-wrecking pet of Mel
Fetch Histeria, 1999 Animated Cartoon, T.V. Show
Fetch Armstrong Cap Toys Toy Stretch Armstrong's sidekick
Fetch Ty Beanie Babies Toy "Fetch the golden retriever"
Fidget 101 Dalmatians, Disney Movie Nervous Dalmatian puppy DEJ
Fido Fido Dido Cartoon Fido Dido's dog MEJ
Fido Ken-L Ration Dog Food Trademark Yellow dog on Ken-L Ration labels MUH
Fido Little People, Fisher-Price Toy The black-and-white terrier'ish dog-peg 11
Fido Stinkfoot, from Frank Zappa's album Apostrophe Song Talking dog that sets Frank straight JCP
Fidor Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Cartoon Network, 1994 Animation, T.V. Show Yellow lab puppet Space Ghost stopped from eating Jupiter
Fifi Big Ideas, Lynda Barry Comic Strip Anthology Poodle w/ a mohawk: "You'll never call him Fifi again!"
Fifi Earthworm Jim Video Game Viscious junkyard dog
Fifi Has Anybody Seen My Gal? 1952 Movie Harriet's standard poodle 2
Fifi Life's a Circus, Charlie Brown, Charles Schulz Animation, T.V. Show The cute poodle for love of whom Snoopy joins the circus SGM
Fifi Popeye, Fleischer Studios, 1940'ish Animated Cartoon / T.V. Show Olive's whimpy poodle that Popeye's embarassed to walk; he & the dog end up eating spinach & kicking Bluto's (& his bulldog's) ass CiH
Fitz Koko cartoons, Max Fleischer, 1920's Animation Koko the Clown's pet.
Flapjack Pillsbury Mascot, Toy Poppin' Fresh's pet in old promotional toy line 11
Flash The Dukes of Hazard T.V. Show Roscoe P. Coltrane's basset hound JDA
* Flash Oracle of Seasons, Nintendo Game Boy Video Game The little boy in Horon village says Flash is "good at fetching"
Fleabag The Oddball Couple, Depatie-Freleng, 1975 Animation, T.V. Show Canine Oscar Madison; voiced by Paul Winchell MEJ
Fleagle The Banana Splits T.V. Show Guy in beagle suit
Flealick Babe 2: Pig in the City, 1998 Movie Jack Russell terrier 2
Flip Happy Hooligan Comic Strip Title character's pet 11
Flo All Dogs Go To Heaven, MGM Animation, Movie Charlie's sometime amour, & guardian of "welfare" pups in vacant house; collie or spaniel? RJT
Floyd Married...With Children T.V. Show One of the dogs in the pound in episode 168, "Change for a Buck;" voiced by Dom DeLuise
Fluff Tortilla Flat, John Steinbeck / 1942 Literature / Movie Pet of "The Pirate" 11
Fluffy Archie Comic Book Betty's pet 11
* Fluffy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J. K. Rowling Literature Owned by Hagrid the Hogwarts Gameskeeper; guards the Sorcerer's Stone; has three heads? GJW
* Fluffy Soccer Dog, 1998 Movie The stuffed dog on the dogcatcher's desk
Fluke Fluke, James Herbert / MGM (1995) Literature / Movie Retriever, played by Comet of T.V.'s Full House, who bears the soul of a reincarnated man; voiced by Matthew Modine
Flush The Barretts of Wimpole Street, Rudolph Besier Literature The Barretts' red cocker spaniel 11
Fly Babe Movie The mother Border Collie who adopted Babe
Folsom Body Double, 1984; The Lost Boys, 1987 Movie Shepherd that played Thorn in "Lost Boys" NVM
Foo Foo Respossessed, 1990 Movie Fanny's poodle(s)
Foofur Foofur, Hanna-Barbera Animation, T.V. Show Title character MJL
Fortinbras Wrinkle in Time Series, Madeline L'Engle Literature   SGM
Foster General Hospital T.V. Show Dogue de Bordeaux 3
Foxy Terrier The Foxy Terrier & The Merry Kittens, Shamus Culhane, 1935 Animation
Frances Oliver & Company, Disney Animation, Movie   anon
Frank Men in Black, 1997 / 1997-98 Movie / Animation, T.V. Show Alien who disguises himself as a pug dog
Fred Rockford, Alabama History "The Number One Tourist Attraction of Rockford!"
* Fred Don't Give Up the Sheep, Sheep Ahoy, Warner Bros/Merrie Melodies, 1953-54 Animation The night dog, whom Sam Sheepdog relieves in the morning 12
Fred I Love Lucy T.V. Show Little Ricky's puppy
Fred Smokey and the Bandit Movie Basset-Hound sidekick of semi driver Jerry Reed DH
Fred Basset Fred Basset, Graham, Tribune Media Services Inc. Comic Strip British Basset-Hound narrator
Freeshow   Joke From an old joke about a naked woman out looking for her dog
Freeway Hart to Hart T.V. Show The Harts' shaggy pooch MAS
Fremont A.S.P.C.A. Mascot
Fremont Dennis The Menace, Hank Ketcham, 1959-63 T.V. Show Mr. Wilson's gray Yorkshire terrier MRD
* Frisbee Scrooged Movie Bill Murray's character got his start in T.V. dressed as this kid-show character
Frisket ReBoot Computer Animation, T.V. Show Enzo Matrix's red dog
* Frisky Toonsylvania Animation, T.V. Show? Dead dog
* Frisky Puppy Two's a Crowd, etc.; Warner Bros/Merrie Melodies cartoons, 1950-54 Animation Puppy with long floppy ears whose shrill barking sends Claude Cat to the ceiling 12
Frisky Terrier Warner Brothers Animation   anon
Frosty The Lost World, 1960 Movie Miniature poodle 2
Frothy Dog Cartoons that Didn't Make It, The Cartoon Network, 1998 Animation, Commercial Teaser Rabid pup featured in 1 of this cable channel's series of brief in-between segments
Frufy Bill Cosby Comedy Routine A character from Cosby's stand-up routine MEJ
* Fu-Dog Chinese Mythology History A good luck talisman
* Fula   History The Basenji bitch that played a major part in bringing the breed out of Africa 10
Fumbles Where's Huddles, Hanna-Barbera Animation, T.V. Show Circa 1970 MJL
Fuzz Ziggy Comic Strip Ziggy's pet MEJ
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G-9 GadgetBoy and Heather Animation, T.V. Show Mostly robotic doggy of title character(s)
Gala Poochie Pup Rootie Kazootie, 1950 T.V. Show   RuC
* Gaspode Discworld novels, Terry Pratchett Literature Made his first appearance in Moving Pictures FEI
Gelert Snowdon, North Wales History Legend: Master thinks Gelert killed his son, he kills Gelert, he finds son (alive) & wolf (dead, killed by Gelert). Oopsie! MUH
General Grant Our Gang comedies, 1920's & 30's Movies / T.V. Show The real name of "Jiggs," widely thought to be "the real Petey"
Genevieve Bringing Up Baby Movie Played by the same dog that played Asta anon
Genevieve Madeline, Ludwig Bemelmans Cartoon, Literature Hound that pulls Madeline from the Seine in this popular children's book anon
Genevieve Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown Charles Schulz Animation, T.V. Show Snoopy's poodle fiancée MEJ
George Warner Brothers Animation Parody of the character in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck KSW
Georgette Oliver & Company, Disney Animation, Movie   TY
Gidget The Fan, 1996 Movie Chihuahua rumored by some to be the Taco Bell dog (see also "Dinky") 2
Gigi Ty Beanie Babies Toy "Gigi the Poodle;" black
Gilbert Walt Disney Animation Goofy's nephew, wears a mortarboard 11
Ginger Barbie, Mattell Toy, Public Nuiscance Barbie's dog that actually walks & give you rabies, or something like that
Ginger Big Red, Disney Movie "Ch. Ginger's Mollie O'Day;" girl Irish Setter's show-registered name in the Disney version RJT
Ginger The Far Side, Gary Larson Comic Strip As she is being scolded by her master, all she hears is "blah blah blah Ginger..." MEJ
Ginger The Honeymooners, 1955-56 T.V. Show Alice's mother's pet 2
Ginger Pye Ginger Pye, Eleanor Estes Literature Title dog from 1952 Newberry winner VHT
Ginny The Dog Who Rescues Cats Literature / History From a true story CDA
* Gir Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez / Nickelodeon Animation, T.V. Show Or "G.I.R." -- Zim's robot, who disguises himself as a green dog in public
Gissing Where the Blue Begins, Christopher Morley (1922) Literature The protagonist RJT
Gnasher Dennis the Menace, Hank Ketcham Comic Strip The Australian/British version of "Ruff" JAW
Goldie Blue Peter, BBC, 1958-98 T.V. Show Golden retriever who joined the show in the late 70's; most of her pups went on to become guide dogs PEJ
Goldie Zoboomafoo PBS, 1999 T.V. Show Jackie's dog (a golden?)
Goliath Davey and Goliath, Art Clokey Claymation, T.V. Show Bible-thumping doggie
Goliath Samson & Goliath / Young Samson, Hanna-Barbera, 1967 Animation, T.V. Show Dog who could turn into a lion to combat evil 5
Goober Goober & The Ghost-Chasers, Hanna-Barbera Animation, T.V. Show Dog that could turn invisible MEJ
Goofy Disney Animation Mickey Mouse's anthropomorphic dog friend
Goopy Geer Warner Bros/Merrie Melodies cartoons, 1932 Animation Debuted in "Goopy Geer" as a piano player at a nightclub 4+12
Gracie Three Dog Bakery, The Food Network T.V. Show Great Dane born blind in one eye & deaf Mom
Graegus Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, 1995-99 T.V. Show Favored pet of Ares, God of War
Granite   History Susan Butcher's lead dog (an Alaskan Husky) on all 4 of her Iditarod wins RMW
Gray Dawn
Lad A Dog books, Albert Payson Terhune Literature   DB
Green Puppy Zoboomafoo, PBS, 1999 T.V. Show Made out of green clay
Greta Road Rovers Animation, T.V. Show General Parvo's Rottweiler
Grefriar's Bobby   History Skye Terrier that guarded his master's grave from 1858-1872 MUH
Grimm Mother Goose & Grimm, Mike Peters Comic Strip / Animation, T.V. Show
Grizzly Pound Puppies Cartoon, Literature In one of the spinoff books, the Puppies help Grizzly find a home CAT
Gromit Wallace & Gromit Series Claymation   Bro
Grunt Flashdance, Polygram, 1983 Movie Pit bull terrier SAE
* Gus Iron Will Movie Will Stoneman's lead dog; played by Beau the Siberian husky AMH
Gus Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood, 1976 Movie Played the title character NVM
Guy's Dog   Claymation From Irish short animation Eog
* Guybrush Monkey Island II, Lucas Arts Video Game Namesake of the main character, Guybrush Threepwood FEI
Gyp Only One Woof, James Herriot Literature Mostly silent sheepdog.
Gypsy Tale of Little Pig Robinson, Beatrix Potter Literature   anon
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Hachiko   History Akita who waited for dead master to come home every day, 1925 to 1934 MUH
Ham Warner Bros/Looney Tunes cartoons, 1935-6 Animation He & Ex are black & white twin pups; they're Beans the Cat's nephews 4+12
* Hambone Hambone & Hilly Movie Terrier mutt that gets lost in an airport & finds his way home AMC
* Hamlet   History One of the first 4 recognized modern pointers 10
Handsome Dan Yale Football Team's Mascot History   MUH
Hank The Truth About Cats & Dogs, 1996 Movie Brian's roller-skating dog, played by "Hank the Dog." Anyone know the breed? SAO
Happy 7th Heaven, 1996 T.V. Show Shaggy white terrier mix MJL
Happy The Jack Lalanne Show, 1950's T.V Show Lalanne's white shepherd who appeared with him on his daily excercise show NVM
Harold Nighty Nightmare, James Howe Literature Narrator of children's book about a vegetarian vampire rabbit VHT
Harry   History Black lab/Great Dane mix inducted into the PATSY Hall of Fame in 1984 NVM
Harvey E.T., Stephen Spielberg Movie Elliot's dog Bro
Harvey Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace, 1996 Movie Mutt 2
Hearsay The Firm Movie Tom Cruise's dog anon
Hector Ballad of Hector, the Stowaway Dog, 1964 Movie This made-for-T.V. movie is also known as Million Dollar Collar 1
Hector Hector's House Animation Star of 1960's British cartoon AmW
Hector Fowl Weather, A Street Cat Named Sylvester, Warner Brothers, 1953-60's Animation Granny's bulldog, costars w/ Sylvester & Tweety
* Hecuba Greek Mythology History Queen of Troy, wife of Priam; "she was eventually turned into a fiery-eyed dog" 14
Heidi The Ugly Dachshund, Disney, 1966 Movie One of the title character's dachshund siblings 11
Heinrich of Midvale Run, Joe, Run, 1974 T.V Show German shepherd who played the title role in this Saturday morning show 11
Heinrik The X-Files, 1993-98 T.V. Show Norweigan elk hound Mulder claims to be missing in episode #1x20, Tooms
Henry Emergency!, 1970's T.V. Show Bassett hound mascot season 6; never left the couch. EMB
* Henry Just Shoot Me T.V. Show Elliot & Mia's little terrier-thing
Herman Feldman The Adventures of Captain Jack, Mike Kazaleh, Fantagraphics Books Comic Book Jack's doggie assistant, does the laundry & such
Herpes Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, 1994 Movie   2
Herself Murphy What Do People Do All Day? Richard Scarry, Random House Cartoon, Literature Sergeant Murphy's wife; a brown hound-type dog
Higgins Petticoat Junction / Benji movies, 1960's-70's T.V Show / Movies Super-famous extra-loveable mutt (probably a border terrier mix) JRG
Hobo Please Don't Eat the Daisies, 1960 Movie Nash family pet in the movie (on the show it was "Ladadog") 11
Homer Animorphs, Nickelodeon, 1998-9 T.V. Show Jake's pet
Hong Kong Phooey Hong Kong Phooey, Hanna-Barbera Animation, T.V. Show Un-PC charater from the 70's voiced by Scatman Crothers DP
Hooch Turner & Hooch Movie Tom Hanks' slobbery Dogue de Bordeaux partner SGM
* Horace Xena, Warrior Princess T.V. Show The Australian sheepdog Ares adopted when posing as a farmer; had 1 gray eye & 1 blue eye
Hosehead Strangebrew Movie Bob & Doug MacKenzie's beer-drinking pet AEJ
Hotdog Archie Comic Book / Animation, T.V. Show Jughead's dog MEJ
Howard I Love You, I Love You Not, 1996 Movie Soft-coated wheaton terrier 2
Howard Huge Howard Huge, Bunny Hoest & John Reiner Comic Strip Looks like a sheepdog to me, but i've heard he's a St. Bernard MEJ
* Huan The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkein Literature Dog of Baren, son of Bahrir FEI
Huckleberry Hound Hanna-Barbera Animation, T.V. Show
Hugo the Great Life's a Circus, Charlie Brown, Charles Schulz Animation, T.V. Show The name given to Snoopy by the leader of the poodle act SGM
Hunter Road Rovers Animation, T.V. Show The Rovers' mutt leader
Hunter Underdog, Gamma Productions Animation, T.V. Show Canine detective segment
Hush Puppy Shari Lewis T.V. Show Shari Lewis puppet
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Idéfix Asterix Series Comic Book Dogmatix's French given name RJT
Ike Kibbles and Bits Advertisement White bulldog mascot
Indiana Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Harrison Ford's childhood pet and namesake; "We named the dog 'Indiana.'" MJL
Inu Sanrio Cartoon Tabo's dog friend (Inu means "dog")
Isaac The Saturdays & The Four Story Mistake, Elizabeth Enright Literature A mutt from the Melendy series of children's books SGM
Itchiford Dachshund All Dogs Go To Heaven, MGM, 1989 Animation, Movie Co-lead late pooch, voiced by Dom DeLuise; see also "Itchy Itchiford" RJT
Itchy Itchiford All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, MGM Animation, Movie Co-lead late pooch; see also "Itchiford Dachshund" SGM
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* Jack   History Smooth-haired terrier (m); one of the forbears of the fox terrier breed 10
Jack Little House on the Prairie Literature / T.V. Show (1974-83) Laura Ingalls Wilder's bulldog from children's books; he was shaggy & white on the show MUH
* Jack Lost and Found Movie David Spade kidnaps this Cairn terrier to get closer to his neighbor MTH
Jack The Pet Department, FX T.V. Show Steve Walker's American Staffordshire/lab-mix co-host Mom
Jack Tales of the Gold Monkey, 1982-3 T.V. Show 1-eyed Jack Russell terrier whose master lost his glass eye in a poker game; series took place in Singapore box
Jacko the Reversible Dog Paul Bunyan stories American Folklore One of Bunyan's 3 dogs 11
Jacob National velvet, 1944 Movie Brown family pet 11
Jake Bush's Beans Advertisement Gives away family bean recipe JLP
Jake Kingdom of the Spiders, 1977 Movie Spider casualty #2, Mr. Colby's black & white border collie
James Hound James Hound, Terrytoons Animation Doggie detective of the late 60's box
Jasper Bachelor Father, 1958-62 T.V. Show Gregg family pet NVM
Jasper, or Old Jasper Cold Dog Soup, 1990 Movie Deceased pet destined for mealtime 2
* Jasper Unhappily Ever After T.V. Show The family's little brown pet
* Jasper T. Jowls Chuck E. Cheese's Match Game Video Game Basset hound; he is (was?) also one of the animatronic characters in the theme restaurants AJP
Jaws Arthur, Mark Brown Cartoon, Literature / Animation, T.V. Show (1996) Alias of Mrs. Woods' dog Perky, mother of Arthur's dog Pal
* Jean the Vitagraph Dog Vitagraph, early 1900's Movies "Probably the first non-human movie star;" a collie owned by Larry Trimble
Jeb Saban's VR Troopers T.V. Show Canine version of Jack Nicholson
Jed The Thing, Universal, 1982; White Fang, The Journey of Natty Gann Movies Owned by Clint Rowe; portrayed, in these three movies, a husky, a wolf/dog mix, and a wolf JFD
Jenna Balto, Amblin Entertainment, 1995 Animation, Movie Balto's girlfriend, maybe a collie?; voiced by Bridget Fonda
Jerry Hannibal & Jerry, 1997 Movie Petit bassett griffon vendeen 2
Jerry Lee K-9 Movie German Shepherd. Anyone know who trained him? GSK
Jessie Animal Farm, George Orwell Literature   anon
Jetson Power Rangers Turbo, Saban Entertainment, 1997 T.V. Show Pink Ranger Cassie's yellow lab who became a human (temporarily)
Jewel 101 Dalmatians, Disney Movie / Toy Jewel is the Dalmatian toy for girls
Jiggs Our Gang comedies, 1920's & 30's Movies / T.V. Show Widely thought to be "the real Petey"
Jill As Good as it Gets, 1997 / For Your Love, 1998 Movie / T.V. Show (NBC) The Brussels Griffon who played Virdell in 90% of her scenes in As Good...
© Jim the Wonderdog   History Black & white setter in the 1930's who understood many languages & predicted the future Mom
Jinn Jinn I Dream of Jeannie T.V. Show Mischievous magical mutt; also spelled "Djinn Djinn" BTL
Jip David Copperfield Literature Belonged to Dora 3
Jip Dr. Dolittle books, Hugh Lofting Literature The Doctor's dog MjM
Jo-Jo   History, Reference Russian "Dog-Faced Boy" of sideshow fame; had hypertrichosis (sp?)
Jock Lady and The Tramp, Disney, 1955 Animation, Movie White Scottie & wise friend of film's heroine JCM
Jock Jock of the Bushveld, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, 1911 / 1992 History, Literature / Movie From S. Africa; camp named after him in Kruger Nat'l Park, monument in Mpumalanga Province JoK
Jocko Fred Basset, Graham Comic Strip Fred Basset's friend; a Scottish Terrier?
Joe Along Came Joe, Jacqueline Susann Literature Author's French poodle & subject of short story 11
Joe The Fabulous Joe, 1947 Movie Talking dog 2
Joe Run, Joe, Run, 1974 T.V. Show German shepherd star of Saturday morning show 11
Joe Cool Peanuts, Charles Schulz Comic Strip / Animation, T.V. Show Snoopy's hip alias SGM
Joey Air Bud: Golden Receiver, 1998 Movie One of the 6 goldens that played the title role 2
John Brown John Brown Literature Rose's dog in Australian children's story; featured on an Aussie postage stamp JAW
John Dillinger The Doberman Gang, 1972 Movie Doberman pinscher 11
John Joiner Tale of Samuel Whiskers, Beatrix Potter Literature   anon
John Parr Miller What Do People Do All Day? Richard Scarry, Random House Cartoon, Literature Shaggy, brown; pointy upright ears, square head
Jonathan Two Stupid Dogs Animation, T.V. Show Or "Johnny;" a.k.a. "Big Dog" KSW
Jonathan Rebel The Bobby Goldsboro Show, 1973-75 T.V. Show Puppet on the Bobby Goldsboro TV series 11
Josephine Every Night Josephine! Jacqueline Susann Literature Author's French poodle & subject of novel 11
Josephine Monty Python's Flying Circus, 1969-74 T.V. Show Drug-sniffing police dog who " is also a junkie," from Man's Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the 20th Century
Josh Roderick's For Breakfast T.V Show / History "The World's Most Petted Dog" as seen on Maryland Saturday a.m. show (NBC) DEJ
Julius Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, 1972-74 Animation, T.V. Show Boyle family pet 11
Jumble Just William, 1976 T.V. Show William Brown's dog from U.K. children's series anon
Jumbo Red Flashdance, Polygram, 1983 Movie Pit bull terrier who played "Grunt" SAE
Junior Island of the Blue Dolphins, 1964 Movie   NVM
Junket Junket, Anne H. White, 1955 Literature Kid's book about an Airedale EGK
Just Nuisance Just Nuisance History, Movie Great Dane awarded rank Able Seaman in S. African military; monument & hotel named for him in Cape Town JoK
Justice Kablam! / Action League Now! Nickelodeon, 1999 T.V. Show He looks like a golden retriever AJP
K [ ? ][ A B C D ] [ E F G H I J K L ] [ M N O P Q R ][ S T U V W X Y Z ] ~ [ top ][ key ][ credits ]
K-9 Dr. Who, BBC T.V. Show The Doctor's dog-robot JRA
* Kaiser Fear, 1996 Movie German shepherd
Kaltag Balto, 1995 Animated Cartoon, Movie Voiced by Danny Mann
* Katie Johnny the Amazing Firetruck, 2000 Movie Played "Dog" 1
Katmir The Seven Sleepers series, Gilbert L. Morris Literature   anon
Kavik Kavik the Wolf-Dog, Walt Morey / The Courage of Kavik Literature / Movie Ultra-loyal wolf-dog / film starred John Candy (Kavik is the Alaskan Eskimo word for "wolverine") box
* Keeper Keeper -- From Life, Emily Bronte, 1938 Painting The artist's beloved pet & subject
* Kelly Kelly, Kelly II, circa 1990 T.V. Shows Male German shepherd, retired police dog; played by Max ShT
Kelly Kelly and Me, 1957 Movie White shepherd who upstages Van Johnson's character in his vaudeville act NVM
Kenny Millennium T.V. Show Jordan Black's pet box
Kep Ginger and Pickles, Beatrix Potter Literature   anon
Kerouac Down & Out in Beverly Hills, 1986 Movie Nick Nolte's pet whose disappearance brings him to the Whiteman's pool 2
Kewpie The Born Loser Comic Strip Brutus Thornapple's pet 11
Killer All Dogs Go To Heaven, MGM, 1989 Animation, Movie Villain Luthor Carface's mishappen hit-man voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly; wore a spiked collar RJT
* Kimbal Soccer Dog, 1998 Movie The name given Lincoln by his original owner (unsure of spelling)
Kimi Dog Lover's Mystery series, Susan Conant Literature Holly Winter's malamute
King The Proud Rebel, 1958 Movie   NVM
King Sgt. Preston of the Yukon (& his faithful dog King) T.V. Show German Shepherd? Siberian husky? See also "Yukon King" PJS
King Tut Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois History, Mascot Served briefly as the mascot of SIU's teams, until he was run over in 1954
Kipper 101 Dalmatians, Disney, 1996 Movie Heroic airedale terrier who saves the puppies EAL
Kipper Kipper, Nickelodeon T.V. Show "A Britt dog" LoF
Kiss   History Original name of German Shepherd Buddy, the first seeing-eye dog CLB
Kiwi The Tough Coughs as He Ploughs the Dough, Dr. Seuss Cartoon, Literature The dog that gaped at her master while he cheated at solitaire MEJ
Knave Lad: a dog, Albert Payson Terhune, 1919 Literature Lad's "somewhat foe," a collie EBR
Kojak The Stand, Stephen King Literature Saves protagonist's life & fathers all post-superflu dogs; originally named "Big Steve" KWM
Koton K-9, 1989 Movie Real-life police dog who played Jerry Lee 2
Krypto Superman, DC Comics Comic Book Krypto the Superdog DP
Kudryavka Sputnik 2, 1957 History Means "Curly;" one of the names of the dog most people know as "Laika"
Kurwenal   History Dachshund, died 1937; was said to have intellect of 10-year-old child; trained by Mathilde, Baroness von Freytag-Loringhaven
L [ ? ][ A B C D ] [ E F G H I J K L ] [ M N O P Q R ][ S T U V W X Y Z ] ~ [ top ][ key ][ credits ]
Lacey Bingo, Matthew Robbins, 1991 Movie The border collie who played the title character 2
Lad Lad: A Dog, Lad of Sunnybank, Albert Payson Terhune, 1919 & 1928 Literature Author Terhune was an internationally known collie breeder DB
Ladadog Please Don't Eat the Daisies T.V. Show, Animation Sheepdog featured in opening sequence; they called him "Lad" for short FOZ
Lady Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell Movie Reluctant German shepherd mother of title dog; movie features Richard Crenna & kids from Witch Mountain
Lady Goodbye, My Lady, James Street, 1956 Movie I've heard she was a basenji NVM
Lady Lad A Dog books, Albert Payson Terhune Literature   DB
Lady Lady & The Tramp, Disney Animation, Movie The girl; a Cocker spaniel Mom
Lady Briard Married...With Children T.V. Show Proposed studding partner for Buck in episode 102, Buck the Stud
Ladybird King of the Hill, Mike Judge Animation, T.V. Show The Hills' Georgia bloodhound
Lafayette The Aristocats, Disney, 1970 Animation, Movie Yokel dog MjM
Laika Sputnik 2, 1957 History Means "Barker;" became the firsdt earthling into space aboard Russian satellite Bro
Landru The 'Burbs, 1989 Movie Great Dane 2
Laptop Safe Havens Comic Strip   CLT
Larissa Bewitched T.V. Show Magical sheepdog sometimes employed as Tabatha's babysitter
Larry The Dick Van Dyke Show, 1961-66 T.V. Show Buddy Sorrel's German Shepherd MJL
Lassie Lassie Come Home / Lassie's Rescue Rangers, Eric Knight, 1940 / 1943 / 1973 Literature / Movie / Animation, T.V. Show Collie w/ IQ of 4000
Laughing Gravy Laughing Gravy, Laurel & Hardy, 1931 Movie Scruffy terrier StB
Lazarus Bummer & Lazarus, Malcolm E. Barker Literature / History Complete title: "Bummer & Lazarus: San Francisco's Famous Dogs: A True Story, As Reported In The Newspapers Of 1861-1865"
Lazarus III   History 1st dog successfully "revivified" after 4 minutes of death by Dr. Robert Cornish, 4/13/34. 3 months later dog was "regaining faculties"
Le Diable   History Notorious French dog that smuggled things across the French border under a false skin 3
Lectronimo The Jetsons, Hanna-Barbera, 1962 Animation, T.V. Show The robot dog George wanted instead of Astro
Legend Real World London T.V. Show Little shaggy dog on MTV show MJL
Lena The Guiness Book of World Records, Bantam Ed., 1963 History / Literature As of 1963, she had the biggest litter ever: 23 foxhound pups on 2/11/45
Lenny Warner Brothers Animation Parody of the character in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck KSW
Leopold Warner Brothers / Merrie Melodies Animation Pet of mad scientist MEJ
Leroy Real World Miami T.V. Show "Smooth puppy dog" on MTV show MJL
Lewis Yale History, Mascot Yale's 16th Handsome Dan
Licorice Mattell Toy, [Animation/T.V. Show?] 1980's Toy friend of Poochie, a dog w/ her own line of toys ReF
Limonchik Sputnik 2, 1957 History Means "Little Lemon;" one of the names of the dog most people know as "Laika"
* Lincoln, or Link Soccer Dog, 1998 Movie Title dog (a livestock breed) in trite attempt at 'Air Bud' rip-off
Liquidator, The Darkwing Duck, Disney Animation, T.V. Show Liquid hound bad guy
Little Ann Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls / 1974 Literature / Movie Redbone Coonhound MJL
Little Brother Mulan, Disney, 1998 Animation, Movie Title Character's pet MJL
* Little Dipper 102 Dalmatians, Disney Movie
Little Dog Two Stupid Dogs, 1993 Animation, T.V. Show Voiced by Mark Schiff
* Little Mustard Guy Mannering, Sir Walter Scott Literature Pet of the fictional character Dandie Dinmont 10
Little Niggy Hoover Dam, Boulder City, NV History A black shepherd born on the dam; would run & get a supervisor at the first sign of trouble
* Little Pepper Guy Mannering, Sir Walter Scott Literature Pet of the fictional character Dandie Dinmont 10
Little Red   History Bloodhound that tracked down escaped convict James Earl Ray in 1977 11
Little Richard Armageddon, 1998 Movie The little French bulldog pet of the bike messenger 2
* Lizzie $40,000, William Lorton, 1996 Movie Played "Dog" 1
Loafie Fox Network, mid 1990's Animation, Commercial Teaser Loafie teased commercials during cartoons
Lobo Mother Goose & Grimm, Mike Peters, Tribune Media Services Inc. Comic Strip   MEJ
Lochinvar Bobby Lochinvar Luck, Albert Payson Terhune, 1923 Literature Ugly, gangly sable collie pup who runs away & grows into a show-quality animal while surviving in the wild EBR
Lola Lola, Henny Kindermann History / Literature Rolf's Airedale daughter, born in Germany 1/27/14; could do math & answer questions by tapping her paw
London The Littlest Hobo T.V. Show From the 80's Canadian series GWF
Lord Nelson The Doris Day Show, 1968-1973 T.V. Show The Martin family's pet 11
Lord Nelson Please Don't Eat the Daisies, 1965-67 T.V. Show Played Ladadog NVM
* Lou Cats & Dogs, 2001 Movie Beagle puppy hero
Luath The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford / Disney, 1963 Literature / Movie Pronounced "LOO-ah;" male yellow lab who travels 250 miles with Tao & Bodger 11
Lube CatDog, Nickelodeon, 1998-99 Animation, T.V. Show Member of The Greaser Dogs; "makes Cliff & Shriek look smart"
* Lucille Meet the Feebles, Peter Jackson Movie Female poodle in sick puppet-movie FEI
Lucky 101 Dalmatians, Disney Movie / Animation, T.V. Show On the T.V. show, Lucky is the hero; voiced by Pamela Segall (Bobby from King of the Hill) KSW
Lucky Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell Movie Title dog, a German Shepherd; brainwashes Richard Crenna's children, the kids from Witch Mountain
Lucky Dr. Dolittle, 1998 Movie The wise-cracking scraggly mutt who reawakens Dolittle's "gift;" voiced by Norm MacDonald
Lucky The Honeymooners, 1955-56 T.V. Show Norton's pet 2
Lucky Married...With Children T.V. Show The Bundys' 2nd dog, a Cocker Spaniel BTL
Lucky The National Enquirer Periodical "The National Enquirer's dog" 11
* "Lucky" de Marco Married to the Mob, MGM, 1988 Movie Played by Max the dog 1
Lucky Pup Lucky Pup, Hope & Morey Bunin T.V. Show Star of puppet show 11
Luke Mack Sennett Comedies Movies Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's pet 11
Luke the Lab Ty Beanie Babies Toy He's a black lab
Lump The Crayon Box T.V. Show Bulldog puppet from children's show; shown as a short after Bananas in Pajamas
* Luthor Carface All Dogs Go To Heaven, MGM, 1989 Animation, Movie Bulldog villain voiced by Ernest Borgnine; see also "Carface Caruthers" RJT

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