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As the title suggests, this is an Index of Famous Dogs throughout history, both in reality and in fiction. This is not to be considered a complete list, nor can i account for the accuracy of all the information here. I have lots of improvements planned; if you'd like details please click "newsletter" in the menu above.

* Chosen for the Super K9 Cool K9 Site of The Day: March 16, 2001
* Given the Wunnadese! site award by Bob's Pop Culture Palace: November 2000
* Mentioned in The New Yorker Magazine: July 17, 2000
* Quoted in Simply the Best, a South Florida magazine: Spring 2000
* Won the COOL PET SITE award from January 2000
* Mentioned in the Closer To the Ground Newsletter: 04/01/99
* Featured on The Steve Dahl Show, WCKG Radio (Chicago): 02/12/99
* Chosen Dogmark's Cool DOG Site of the Day: 02/03/99
* Quoted in 277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know: 8/98
* Counted among Dogs on the Web's top 500 dog sites: 9/97
* Featured in The Useless Pages: 2/97

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