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'Nsync's dogs

NOTE: Most of the photos that came from this magazine were extremely dark and of poor contrast. This image's washed-out quality is the result of my having to tweak it so that you could even see what was pictured instead of just a big black blob.

Caption: 'NSync with their support band (clockwise from top left): Justin Timberlake and his Yorkies, Bella and Bearlie; Joey Fatone and his miniature pinscher, Nakita; Chris Kirkpatrick and his pugs, Busta and Korea; JC Chasez and his Akita-shepherd mix, Baron; and Lance Bass and his cocker spaniel, Lexi.

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This image was scanned from page 51 of Us Magazine's "Hooray for Hollywoof" (July 30, 2001; issue 337), and is used here without permission from anybody.
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