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Type of Self Defense Weapons

Knowing what type of weapon to use against a particular target is a crucial skill to have in a self-defense conflict. While there are many types of self-defense weapons, it does not mean that one is superior to the other because each of them has their advantages and disadvantages. You must note that not all weapons are likely to work best for you when facing a particular target. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used self defense tools and their advantages and disadvantages.

Pepper spray is a good self-defense weapon but it has some disadvantages. The chemical heat that the self-defense pepper spray produces works quite well in stopping the attacker in their tracks. The spray causes an almost instant inflammation on the mucous membrane of the nose, throat, eyes, and lungs of the attacker. The inflammation causes the inability to open the eyes or draw a breath hence giving you the chance to get away.

On average, you will find most pepper sprays being sold to be around 8″-20″ thus allowing you to use the device from a considerable distance from your attacker. The limitation of the pepper spray is that the attacker must be hit around their face for it work. Also the wind may affect the direction of the spray.

Kubatons are among the most popularly used self-defense weapons. The kubatons are a popular weapon because they are a pressure point devices that are considered nonlethal and are legal.
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Another reason for their use is that they are easily portable. There are several types of kubatons, but the average one is a little more than a stick that is about five and a half inches long and half an inch in diameter. Kubatons can easily be carried in your pocket and the most recent ones on the market today have a key-hole attached to them which makes them, readily available when you have your keys with you.
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Stun Guns
Stun guns use electrical voltage to disrupt the muscle functions of the attacker. The voltage that they produce causes some pain, but of importance is that they interfere with the neurological impulses from the brain to the muscles rendering your attacker unable to control their muscle function.
The disadvantage of the stun gun is that the electrodes must get into contact with your target.

The advantage of the stun gun is that they can be applied to any part of the body and be effective, meaning that if you are attacked from behind or by surprise, you do not need to take a specific aim as you would with the defensive sprays.