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Important Information on Electronic Failure Analysis

Electronics are very important in our lives. They improve the quality of our lives. Electronics take way boredom and stress and keep us motivated. The benefits we receive from using electronics are many. Also, electronics are of different types and can be used for a long period of time if proper care is taken. Nevertheless, it is common for electronics to fail even before their life expectancy.

Electronic failure is not just an inconvenience but can pose a serious risk to the environment and the public. The good thing is that failure may be prevented way before the product goes to the market. This can be done through electronic failure analysis. This involves a comprehensive investigation into causes of the product failure. Through test methods and several techniques, engineers evaluate and find out the root cause of such failure.

In order to avoid such failure in future, the electronic device is redesigned and modified when the cause of the failure is known. Failure analysis is a big advantage to the manufacturer because the reputation of the brand is preserved by preventing customer disappointment. Because of this, manufacturers are able to offer quality and safe products to their customers while avoiding future failure.

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are essential components for modern electronics. Almost every electronic device have printed circuit boards. A printed circuit board should perform its function, as well as support the electronic device. To achieve that manufacturers put systems in place which monitor and test all components to ensure they meet the standard requirements for maximum performance. When a semiconductor device has failed, semiconductor failure analysis is used to determine the cause of failure

To know the root cause of a failure various techniques, processes, and tools are used. They accurately find the cause and how to prevent future failure. These tests are performed in electronic failure analysis lab and they test for various things. For instance, they will determine whether there is increased density, hazardous material, recycling requirements, and whether the PCBs need to be tuned to precise values.

Also, manufacturers will carry out several PCB tests. Micro-sectioning analysis is one of such tests. In this PCB testing method, various things are tested including thermo-mechanical failures, component defects, as well as opens and shorts. Also, this test performs raw material evaluations and processes failure caused by solder reflow.

Electronic failure analysis has benefits to the consumer and the manufacturer. To the consumers they get safe and quality devices. To the manufacturers, brand reputation is preserved.

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