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Why You Should Drink Loose-Leaf Tea Around the world, the one of the most popular drinks is tea; you probably already knew that. The most consumed beverage is coffee which is just a step higher than tea. Many health conscious people prefer tea because they know that it contains many anti-oxidants that can really improve ones overall health. Because tea does not have so much side effects when you drink it, a lot more people will want to drink tea because of this. Loose leaf tea; have you heard of this before? You probably have if you are a tea drinker but do not know exactly what it is. If you are one of the many people who are not sure what loose-leaf tea is, you probably get tea from tea bags that you by in the supermarket and you’ve never experienced the goodness of loose-leaf tea. Simply put, loose-leaf tea is tea leaves that have not gone through as much processing as the tea in tea bags that you find in the supermarket have. Because the loose tea leaf does not go through a lot of processes that tea in bags do, it is the more natural option; it is not always easy to find these kind of teas, though. Loose leaf tea leaves do not live for a very long time so you can not store them for a long time because they will rot. Only a few months is given for these tea leaves to be consumed after harvest. Now let us look at why it is more beneficial to drink loose leaf tea than to drink the more common tea in tea bags. As I mentioned earlier, loose leaf tea go through a lot less processing than tea in tea bags; this will make loose leaf tea a lot fresher and natural. A tealeaf that is unbroken and unprocessed will contain almost 100% of it’s natural beneficial properties. Processing and bagged tea will cause it to loose a lot of its natural anti-oxidants and health properties.
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You get a fresher choice of tea when you choose loose leaf tea. If you’ve had loose-leaf tea, you will begin to notice that bagged tea sometimes has a bitter taste and a muddy texture. This is because many bagged teas have been stored for very long periods of time so the leaves become stale and they don’t smell or taste as good. The only noticeable thing that bagged tea will do is that it will color you drink; loose leaf tea gives you a lot of flavor. Plus it contains all the natural health benefits.
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Who wants fresher tea? I bet you all want a fresher tea; loose leaf tea can give you that. Loose leaf tea is picked fresh from the farm every time because they do not live long so you can be sure you are always drinking the freshest of teas. Bagged tea can stay in the shelves for up to 18 months so you could be drinking really old and stale leaves.