Learn All You Need to Know About Hair Weaves

When women want to change up their hairstyle, creating length and volume, they often turn to hair weaves. A weave can be comprised of natural human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair is more expensive than synthetic and is able to be styled in much the same way as a woman’s natural hair. Once a woman has chosen the type of hair that she would like for her weave, she must then decide which method she will seek for attachment.

There are four main methods of attaching weaves:

  • Sew-in weaves are the most common because they are more secure and long lasting. Before the weave hair is attached, the natural hair is braided so the wefts of hair can be sewn into the braids. This ensures the weave hair will not appear fake and will blend in perfectly with the woman’s own hair for a truly natural look. Some women will feel some pressure at first because of their braids being tight but they will loosen over a few days.
  • Glue-in methods of attaching weaves are not used as often as other methods because some people may find they are sensitive to the glues used. When this method is used, the wefts of hair are glued on top of rows of natural hair, as close to the scalp as possible. When this type of weave is properly maintained, it can last up to two months. The most common type of glue is keratin based.
  • Net weave sew-in is very similar to traditional sew-in methods but this one places a net over the woman’s braids and the hair is sewn into the net. This method is ideal for women with thin hair because it allows for more area for hair wefts to be attached. Nets can also relieve some of the pressure women feel from having their hair braided so tightly.
  • Fusion weaves are becoming increasingly popular because of the truly natural look they offer. The weave hair is attached strand by strand with a special wax and the results can last up to six months, depending on how well the weave is cared for. Because of the length of time required for attachment, this is generally the most expensive weave.

This information should help women decide which type of weave they will get so they can have the long, beautiful hair they have always wanted. These options allow women to have a variety of styles.