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Considerations When Choosing a Pallet Racking System

Storage has been a significant concern for warehouses, retail centers, manufacturing facilities in addition to storage and distribution facilities. However, with the advent of different structural designs of pallet racks, the concern for storage and handling stock has become a thing of the past. A pallet rack is a storage system designed for the storage of goods on pallets. There is different pallet racking systems available. Pallet racking helps offer a more organized and better storage for completed and semi-finished products. Pallet racking system has become an integral part in contemporary storage of goods. Before buying a pallet rack, there is a number of factors one needs to take into consideration.

Core Design

The height, size, shape and also the positioning of the windows and doorways of your facility will greatly affect the racking system you want. Have an expert do an in-depth evaluation of your storage facility’s capabilities to improve the facility’s performance and design. This will enhance process flows and make certain that your racking system functions effectively.
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It’s vital that you first determine the frequency of your stock turnaround. High turnaround stock might require a high access pallet racking system while push back racking can be appropriate for less frequently moved stock. Access to racked products is dependent on rate of stock movement and rotation, type of goods and the operational dispatch system. Also make certain that the racking system could be accessed by means of a forklift if the type of products stored there need to be transferred by means of a lift.

Storage Density

The size, quantity and weight of your stock keeping unit determine the ideal pallet racking system for your own storage facility. Remember that there are specific pallet racks for particular industry needs that can offer organized storage for heavy, medium and light weight loads. Heavy weight products can be stored in pallet stream, push-backs, drive-in, drive-through, and double-deep racking methods.


A pallet racking system is essentially a very heavy investment. You don’t have to spend on the wrong pallet rack that does not serve your purpose. The design and performance of racking systems are different. Be clear about the purpose of your racking system in terms of the type of goods it will deal with. Drive-in and push-back racks are the most acceptable for LIFO inventory management while FIFO stock system may call for deep lane storage units.


It is important that you consider your budget constraints before investing in your racking system. However you should note that the cheapest racking system doesn’t necessarily mean the best value whilst on the other hand the maximum budget does not always equate to quality of racking system. Invest in seasoned storage facility service supplier who will put in a pallet racking System which could serve your purpose well and help you meet your storage needs.