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Why Is Functional Medicine All About?

When we let the doctor examine us when we feel something is wrong without bodies, we usually get a lot of tests. And most of the time medication is recommended to us by the doctor based on the symptoms even if the direct cause of the ailment is unknown. Medical practitioners are so keen on treating acute disease but most chronic diseases are uncured except that medications are recommended to help relieve the symptoms.

A new branch of medicine is being developed called functional medicine. In functional medicine, patients are treated differently from how medical practitioners treat them. There is a different approach used by functional medicine in examining patients for their ailments. Functional medicine is more holistic meaning that the focus is on the whole person and not just the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. Functional medicine looks for the cause of the ailment and not just the symptoms.

The treatment of most chronic diseases may vary from individual to individual and so treatment should also be on a case to case basis. Treatment is personalized according to the causes of the ailment.

In functional medicine, doctors spend time interviewing the patient to learn more about his lifestyle, diet, and other activities and experiences in his life. Here the doctor tries to find out the cause of the disease by analyzing the data from the interview with the patient. And with this, the doctor will try to figure out the root cause of the problem.

Diseases are caused by imbalances in the body. You can have a hormone imbalance, genetic imbalance, and other types of imbalances in your body. And these imbalances can also cause many different kinds of conditions. Functional medicine studies these complexities. If functional medicine is able to restore the balance in the body, then health can be restored in a person.

If you are experiencing chronic conditions that medical practitioners have tried to treat with medications but the condition still keeps coming back, then you should consider functional medicine. And if you are tired of taking medications for a chronic condition that has no relief and instead you experience side effects from the medications recommended to you, then it is about time to consider functional medicine.

Restoring balance and normal function is the ultimate goal of functional medicine. The treatment plan created by your functional medical doctor includes your diet, exercise, lifestyle change, detox programs, stress management, and prescription drugs, nutritional supplements, or botanical medicines.

When a functional medical practitioner creates a plan to treat your condition, it is designed to help reverse the imbalances that are causing your ailment. And this plan may also help prevent the occurrence of chronic conditions. With functional medicine, patients with a chronic condition will finally find relief for their condition.

If you are suffering from a chronic disease today, consider functional medicine. With functional medicine, the real cause of your condition will be determined and it will be the one treated by your doctor to help you eliminate this problem. You can then live a pain-free life after this.

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