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This was the FIRST index of monkey references on the net! All others are cheap immitations!

Mr. Monkey & i used to love The Simpsons, and he was rather fond of taking note every time there is any sort of reference to monkeys on the show. At his insistance i compiled his notes into this list. It doesn't get updated as often as it used to because (a) we don't like The Simpsons nearly as much as we used to, and (b) every time we turn it on there's a football game on instead. We only keep this page going at all because we'd like to see it through to the end.

* Mr Monkey does not consider Bigfoot to be a monkey, so those references are not included
* Mr Monkey considers this a list of sightings HE has made; he does not accept submissions.

References on a light background were added within the last 6 months.
References in purple text were added within the last month.