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Intriguing Facts on Meat Cutters and Butchers

Butchering and meat cutting is not a career that is for all people, and if the person is a delicate and sensitive vegetarian then they should not become a butcher or a meat cutter because as a meat cutter the person is expected to butch and they should like butchering meat. It is good to state that butchers and meat cutters take the remains of animals that were once living and either cut those parts or grind the same parts into smaller parts for human consumption.

It is good to state that as a meat cutter and as a butcher the person will be given meat slabs that the individual will be expected to process into steaks, chops and other kinds of cuts and they also spend a good amount of their time grinding down pieces of meat into various meat products like ground beef. The truth is that this sort of job is not for the light hearted because the person is expected to take the carcass of an animal and hack it apart and while this description might sound crude but this is the blunt truth, thus the person should consider what is involved before they even consider this career.

The process of processing of meat is done with various kinds of knives, cleavers, saws and even power cutting tools and once the meat has been cut, meat cutters and butchers will then wrap and label the meat and refrigerate it so that it does not spoil. It is good to state that butchers may work for themselves or in butcher shops, but there is a trend of meat cutters and butchers working for large firms that process meat or large supermarkets or huge mega-stores that have known brands.

It is good to highlight that the job of a meat cutter will have bones, guts, and blood thus working as a butcher or a meat cutter is for people that can handle working with huge meat slabs all day long, and they are comfortable handling large knives and other kinds of cutting instruments. At times due to the nature of work injuries, and even serious injuries can occur thus anyone that decides on this line of work should know that it can be dangerous and physically demanding because meat is heavy.

A fact worth stating is that the career prospects for butchers and meat cutters is almost since the number of people that eat meat is increasing at the same rate that the population is growing at thus butchers and meat cutters are bound to be in the market for a long time to come. It is good to state that the average wage of a meat cutter or a butcher is about $27,000 annually with some of the butchers earning as much as $43,000 per year whereas people in the lower section make $ 16,500 a year.