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Significance Of Good Web Design Web design refers to the process by which a websites’ appearance is determined with regard to layout, the content, color, font and the graphics in a bid to have a dominating online presence. The design process is guided by a set of principle that helps the website achieve its goals Users may access websites as web pages when their design is complete, and they have been transformed to an electronic format. When users navigate websites comfortably without challenges, the design process is said to successful. The significance of web design ought not to be undermined. The Web design has a significant influence on the priority that websites have in order of appearance upon a search. A good design will boost the traffic to the website because it can be easily found by the users and contains graphics that appeal to the viewers. It makes sure that the developer’s objectives are attained. This can be done by providing the experience the users have is smooth.This is enabled by the smooth interaction with the website by the users. Some factors ought to be brought to consideration to ensure that the website is good. The first page users find on a website speaks volumes. This page influences the users’ choice to continue browsing the website or leave the site. The fonts and font sizes that appeal to the users should be used in the design. Most designers advice that texts should be at the top, center or the left side because people read from all directions. The layout of the images should make them visible. It is of significance to have images that have a relation to what the website is all about. There is irony in having images of festivity yet the website is an academic one. Search Engine Optimization when used increases the ranking of the website when a search is done.
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Key features of good web design refer to characteristics of a well-designed internet site. Responsiveness is a characteristic of a well- designed website. This means that the website can be viewed in different electronic devices such as computers and phones without the design losing its integrity. The website should be supported on various operating systems and browsers. This makes it nondiscriminatory.
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The ability of users to navigate a website with ease makes its design good. This is where the user can scroll either vertically or horizontally. This makes reading the web content easier as the confusion of multi-directional scrolling is eliminated. An interactive website shows it has a good design as it allows users to share comments through the text boxes or take part in online polls. It also provides an allowance for visitors to sign up. In this digital age, a good web design is essential in the development websites that are satisfactory to the users.