The Advantages of a Metal Roof and Skylights as Major Features of Exterior Home Remodeling

Extensive exterior home remodeling may include a new metal roof with skylights. This is a significant investment in one’s home, but the roof will last for many decades and improve the appearance of the house as well. Skylights increase satisfaction in the household because they boost the amount of natural light. Both the roof and the new ceiling windows increase energy efficiency in the realms of electricity, heat and air conditioning.

Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

Some homeowners hesitate to have asphalt shingles replaced with metal or skylights installed because they have some misconceptions about these features. For instance, they may worry that a metal roof will be noisy when the weather is rainy. Today’s roofing is constructed with insulation that significantly decreases the sound of raindrops hitting the metal. The sounds is generally no more louder than that of rain hitting asphalt shingles.

Another worry might be the possibility of a snow avalanche after a big storm. Most people consider snow sliding off a metal roof to be more convenient than having to remove it manually, however. It also does not accumulate and begin forming ice dams. Nevertheless, nobody wants a cascade of heavy snow dropping onto the home’s sidewalk or driveway. The workers can install snow guards that hold and break up the white stuff so it drops in more controlled and manageable amounts.

Considerations Regarding Skylights

Homeowners may be concerned that skylights will leak because they know somebody this has happened to in an older house. Manufacturers have improved these rooftop windows so that leaking only becomes an issue if the flashing is not properly maintained. This is the same type of maintenance required for flashing around chimneys and vents.

Relevant Statistics for Residential Properties

The longevity and durability of metal, along with its aesthetic beauty, increase homeowner satisfaction as well as the resale value of the house. Of approximately 75 million houses in the United States, some 14 percent of them have metal roofs as of 2019. The percentage has gradually been rising over the past two decades. Property owners increasingly choose this option because of the substantial advantages.