The Difference Between a Buffet Line and a Plated Dinner Service

Warmer weather is upon us, and with that comes many family gatherings and various occasions such as weddings, reunions, and graduation parties. Planning a small or large event can be stressful, but hiring a catering service to take care of your needs can alleviate a lot of the stress, as well as making sure everything goes well. Below is a closer look at a couple of services caterers offer and how they can help you make your event a success.

Buffet Line

One of the most popular ways to feed a crowd is to opt for a buffet line. To elevate this a bit more, the host can choose to include live station catering services. This will allow guests to place orders specific to their palate.

Examples of Stations

An example of live stations may include a breakfast bar where guests can order an omelet (based on the ingredients they would like in it), eggs, pancakes, or any other breakfast items. Dinner examples may include a pasta bar and a live station involving different cuts of meat. Here, guests can choose the type of pasta they would like, as well as the cut of meat and the temperature they would like it cooked to.

Plated Service

If it is a more formal event and the host would like their guests to be served at the table, then they can opt for a plated dinner service. The waitstaff will bring out the plates of food, one entree at a time. They will also clear away any dishes or glassware before another entree is brought out. This way, the tables are kept clean, and the guests’ drinks are always being replenished.

Differences Between a Buffet Line and Plated Service

The main difference between the two services is that a buffet line requires guests to get off the table and get their own food. However, with this option, guests are welcome to visit the buffet line as often as they would like. The waitstaff is available to clear away any unused plates, making room for more on the table.

Regardless of which catering service you choose, hiring a professional company to take care of your party needs is advised.