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Different Types of Flea and Tick Medication Topical and oral medicines are the most effective of all flea and tick medication. When you use topical mediation, it is not something that your pet takes in but is usually applied directly on your pet’s skin which you are required to do monthly. The location where you apply topical medication is between the shoulder blades or at the base of the neck. The ingredients of topical medication helps to kill fleas and ticks on the spot and that is why they are also called spot-on medication. It is effective in a sense that it is a preventive measure to keep fleas and tick from even residing in your dog’s fur -unlike oral medicines where fleas and ticks has to bite first before they are poisoned. Both oral and topical medication contain ingredients that slowly repel fleas and ticks, but topical medicine spreads to the entire body of your dog through its natural oil on its fur, and are then embedded into the skin pores of your dog. In over a month’s time, this chemical deposited in the skin will slowly be released. Even after applying topical mediation, dogs can still swim and bathe since the chemical is hidden underneath the skin and it is also water-resistant. Spot on products are the most commonly used products to control that it even prevents fleas and ticks from even coming close to your dog that causes discomfort and to a large extent -skin irritation. Oral medicine is also effective in preventing fleas and ticks to thrive in a dog’s coat but it gives the dog much more benefit since it can also prevent parasites living inside your dog’s body. Heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, and whipworms are also prevent by oral medicine in combination with other medication.
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Another product that is very much similar to spot on products are flea and tick collars. The correct use of this collar can be very effective. It is very convenient to use flea collars and they are highly effective when there is infestation especially if your pet spends time outdoors.
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Another preventive is to let a dog immerse in a dip which is then allowed to dry on the skin afterwards. Your dog’s fur can dry up and natural oil in your dog’s fur is removed due to frequent use of this dip. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for use and disposal of the product that you choose. Is it not only the elimination of flea and ticks on your dog that is important, but you also need to make sure that the surrounding environment is free from flea and ticks. Eliminating flea and ticks in the environment can be done using carpet powder, spray, and forgers. If your area is highly infested with fleas, using forgers is very effective.