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Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Your Seafood: The Health Benefits Well-prepared online seafood is very tasty, but it also offers nutritious advantages that other foods not readily have. Many studies show that eating fish and other seafood that has omega-3 fatty acids is very beneficial to the body in numerous ways. If you don’t eat seafood regularly, starting today will add a lot of health benefits including these explained below: Enhancement of Your Heart Health It’s been proved that many societies that eat fish as a staple food record few incidences of heart disease. For starters, live blue crabs and fish are foods that have very low levels of saturated fats, and eating them helps reduce the accumulation of bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
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A fish diet can bring about enhanced circulation which helps lower the risk of thrombosis. EPA and DHA, which are omega-3 oils, may eliminate the need for your body to produce eicosanoids (a substance with hormonal characteristics) which is associated with a higher risk of blood clots and inflammation. As a result, a blood clot may bring about a heart problem, and if a brain vessel is obstructed, stroke may occur. Joint Protection Research has suggested that eating a regular fish diet can improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis–a disease that causes joints to swell. Osteoarthritis may also be prevented with the consumption of omega-3 oils. Improved Eye Sight Eating fish that is rich in fats can help brighten your eyes and keep them healthy. People that are suffering from macular degeneration linked to aging can have their eyesight protected by eating omega-3 fats. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is characterized by the degeneration of the retina, resulting in blurred vision. There’s also retinol in fish and shellfish, which is a type of vitamin A that can improve eyesight. Important Nutrients There are so many nutrients in seafood that the human body needs to operate without glitches. Some of the vital nutrients are potassium, iodine, and zinc. Selenium, which is found in fish, can help prevent cancer. On the other hand, you thyroid gland needs iodine to help prevent goiter. Seafood provides plenty of vitamins that the body needs to function well, including those boosting the capacity to resist infection and diseases. Boosting Brain Power Consumption of fish especially from childhood can lead to a very healthy brain. According to research, eating seafood can reduce the risk of developing dementia and memory complications later in life. Certainly, seafood helps with the healthy development of the brain. You will benefit a lot in terms of health if you’re considering ordering your live blue crabs or other online seafood. The omega-3 fats in fish and crabs are very nutritious.