Two Leading Candidates for the Title of Best Massage Table for Mobile Therapists

There are hundreds of thousands of professional massage therapists nationwide, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and most of them want to do everything possible for their clients. Setting up shop at a spa or a clinic might make perfect sense in certain situations.

Another option, though, is to bring the gift of massage to clients wherever is most convenient for them. Determining the best massage table for a therapist who makes house calls never needs to be a problem at all.

The Perfect Table for Any Mobile Masseuse

There are now many dozens of massage tables on the market at any time, and that can feel a bit overwhelming. In practice, though, a few models tend to stand out with regard to the combination of features they offer. Some of the most popular tables among massage therapists today are:

  • Balboa Portable. Thirty-inch massage tables tend to be quite versatile, as they are wide enough to accommodate most clients without being unnecessarily bulky. Balboa’s own thirty-inch table has been a consistent best seller ever since its introduction, and not just because of its dimensions. Massage therapists and their clients appreciate how the natural wood of this table helps keep things looking professional, and its considerable strength is another significant advantage in many situations.
  • EarthLite Spirit. Massage table maker EarthLite focuses on natural materials and also on keeping weight down wherever possible. Both of these commitments are apparent in the Spirit, a svelte table that is still capable of supporting thousands of static pounds. That translates into a working weight limit of about 800 pounds, which is more than enough for just about any massage therapist today. The availability of the Spirit in three different widths adds to the appeal of this flagship of EarthLite’s line.

Many More Tables Await Online

With these being only a couple of the best selling massage tables at the moment, therapists never lack for options. Tables like these and many others provide just what masseuses who provide mobile service need to cater to their clients. Buying the most appropriate table for a given situation will always set the stage for plenty of successes in the future.