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What Should you Know About Wedding Sand? Although wedding sand ceremonies or unity sand ceremonies have been there for a very long time, they are now becoming popular at a time when many people are leaving their traditions, for instance, the unity candle ceremony. Although the origin of this practice isn’t clear, there are stories that the Hawaiians or Native Americans were the first to start this practice, and that it was a way of showing the inseparable nature of marriage. Initially, the bride together with the groom would each pick a handful of sand and then throw it to the wind. The sand particles would mix making it impossible to differentiate them which symbolized the coming together of the two in marriage. The current unity sand wedding has now become a part of the main wedding ceremony, and this activity takes place just after the couple has been pronounced as husband and wife. This activity should be their very first task together immediately after marriage.
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How a Sand Wedding Ceremony Works Here are four simple steps of a basic sand wedding ceremony.
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1. A small table is placed at the center of the sand wedding ceremony location and a glass vase placed on the center of the table. This is usually engraved or accessorized with the name and initials of the couple and the wedding date. 2. Two small vases are placed on either side of the big glass vase, and the two contain differently colored sands one to represent the gloom and the next representing the bride. You can have the wedding sands colors in your wedding color. 3. In the sand wedding ceremony, the groom and bride take turns in pouring the sand from their smaller vases into the big vase, and create different layers. 4. Finally, the couple pours the remaining sand into the central vase from their vases to mix up the two colors which becomes impossible to separate; this is a symbol of their unity. Sometimes there can be a reading or poem as they pour the sand together. There are usually three different sand wedding ceremonies. 1. Religious variations. 2. Parents Variations. 3. Children variations Most of the time sand ceremonies are ideal for informal or outdoor weddings, especially beach weddings because the sand can be collected there and give the wedding more significance. If you choose not to get married near the beach, you can order for the wedding sand ceremony supplies with any color. Consider having the big glass vase sealed with a special wax to preserve it after the unity sand wedding ceremony; this will make a wonderful relic to remember your wedding day.