Why Langkawi is an Absolutely Mesmerizing Place to Never Miss ?

In this blog I am going to explain to you why Langkawi Island in Malaysia is a real paradise and a place where you should never miss!

The island of Langkawi is considered the most important place and island in Malaysia, as it is a favorite choice for international tourists because of its pleasant people, delicious food and great attractions.

Langkawi Island in Malaysia is considered one of the most important tourist places in Malaysia — domestic flight from Kuala Lumpur or Selangor is a relaxing way to get to Langkawi Island and the duration of the trip is one hour, a lot of tourist places in Langkawi provide great experiences.

The most tourist-friendly places on Langkawi Island are the cable car and sky bridge, underwater world aquarium, Chenang Beach, Mardi Agrotechnology Park that is fruits park, bird paradise wildlife park, a crocodile adventureland, and also the Seven Springs Waterfalls.

Lets talk in short-details about each attraction

Top attractions in Langkawi Island, Malaysia

First attraction — The Seven Wells Waterfalls

20 minute walk away from the famous Langkawi Sky Bridge and is the most beautiful natural attraction in Langkawi, there are seven natural pools have been formed at different levels by water streams that flow down the second highest mountain of Langkawi — Mount Mat Cincang. Entry is free and you can visit Seven Wells Waterfall anytime during the day time, however it is preferable to visit it during day time.

Langkawi Seven Wells Waterfalls, Malaysia

Second attraction — Langkawi Sky Bridge

a 125-metre (410 ft) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia and can be reached by first taking the Langkawi Cable Car to the top station. The skybridge is quite safe. Curved bridges offer a wider all-round perspective for you to see the entire island. You will get a good view of the surrounding scenery, from tropical Malaysian jungles and nearby towns, to the coastline and the sea in the distance.

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Third attraction — Underwater World Aquarium

Huge, popular aquarium with 200+ marine & freshwater species, a 3D theater & an underwater tunnel. The largest marine and fresh water aquaria in South East Asia, one must not miss the opportunity to experience walking through the tunnel displaying plenty of big fishes and sea creatures.

Langkawi Underwater World Aquarium, Malaysia

Fourth attraction — Chenang Beach

You can enjoy Jet Ski tours, scuba diving, kids club, traditional spa for relaxing message, kayaking, speed boat joyrides, banana boat.

Chenang Beach Activities, Langkawi, Malaysia

Fifth attraction — Mardi Agrotechnology Park

The tour of the farm takes you through the whole farm with pit-stops to show you the fruits and the trees and ends with a taste of the delicious fruits grown in the farm. A perfect and great place if you do love fruits and eco tourism.

Langkawi Fruits Park, Malaysia

Sixth attraction — Bird Paradise Wildlife Park

Visitors can have close interaction with animals. The park is ideal for travelling families and animal lovers. It is a home to 1,500 birds flying freely, with sections that strongly resemble the natural habitats of each different species of bird life.

Bird Paradise Wildlife Park, Langkawi, Malaysia

Seventh attraction — Crocodile Adventureland

Different species of crocodiles are being kept in specific ponds, where visitors can have a thorough look at the crocodiles while walking around. Educational center with multiple ponds full of crocodiles, feeding shows & concessions.

Crocodile shows at Crocodile Adventureland, Langkawi, Malaysia

Eighth attraction — Mangroves Boat Tour

The river boat cruise is the best way to explore the Mangroves forest. There are numerous caves and you can also feed the eagles there. You may watch a great Mangroves boat tour to know more about how it looks like, here

Speed boat for Mangroves Tour, Langkawi, Malaysia

Fun activities you can do on Langkawi Island are going up to the Sky Bridge and the cable car, taking pictures of the Langkawi Island, cruise by private boat in the Mangrove River, watching crocodile caves, bats, and fish farms, visiting the area and Chenang Beach and experiencing enjoyable beach activites, eating seafood, as well as enjoy visiting the most beautiful tourist places in Langkawi.

The island of Langkawi is also called the island of Eagles in Malaysia, where the Eagle Square is the face of the island of Eagles Langkawi and the most famous tourist attraction in Malaysia.

Brown Eagle ready to take off statue, Eagle Square at Langkawi, Malaysia

Eagle Square is the place that reflects the name of Langkawi Island. The field is characterized by a giant eagle statue that is approximately 12 meters in length, the people behind the creation of this eagle statue chose carefully the brown color of the statue and eagle’s ready-to-take-off position, moreover the name Langkawi comes from the old Malaysian language which the first half of it means eagle and the other half means brown.

You are free to do a lot of activities in this place, where you can feed eagles, enjoy a tour of exploration of the place and taste the most delicious seafood.

It is preferable not to wander around at noon time because the sun’s temperature is high at this time so it is preferable to enjoy a cold drink with a sea view in a quiet cafe, and when the sun’s temperature subsides and the evening approaches, you can enjoy wandering around in a charming refreshing weather and take beautiful selfies

One of the most popular activities for tourists coming to Langkawi Island is the mangrove cruise tour on a speedboat where you can see the views of the mangroves floating over salt water

There are no entry tickets to the place as it is free to walk around and is open 24 hours

Finally, if you are coming to this place on a sailboat, then you will see the giant eagle heading towards the sea as if it welcomes you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog about Langkawi Island in Malaysia, however if you speak another language such as Arabic and interested to read more about Langkawi in Arabic, you may read this blog

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