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Awards Classification Made Simple

Individuals who are in such of awards or trophies should start by identifying their classes. Whatever the forum is for presentation of awards, having options is important.

The presentation of awards has been an ongoing component for ages. For instance, laurel wreaths were awarded to Olympic games premier winners approximately 2700 years ago. For the Greeks of old, wreckages of war ships served as awards for their efforts. The element of affordability and personalization have been added to awards in the modern era.

Diversification in terms of material and shape of award plaques is another feature to note in this era. Awards are now built from various elements including marble, acrylic and other extracted metals, depending on the nature of event. It is now easy to match a ceremony to the accompanying material to build an award. There is a clear diversification in beauty of material classes used.
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Grouping awards is simplified if done according to what they are made of.
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Undoubtedly among the best components for award molding is acrylic. Its diversity in terms of functionality make it more appealing. Due to its simple polymorphous structure, it can be easily manipulated to fit certain shapes. Is used in most instances as a replacement for glass due to its transparency rating. That is why acrylic awards are great to give as monthly employee recognition. From a financial point of view, the awards are economical despite delivering elegance. Class, affordability, and durability are some of the benefits of opting for these types of awards.

You will spend less money on glass awards compared to those made of acrylic. Glass awards are always classic. Glass can be molded to different shapes based on the style. You will get affordability and style from glass awards.

Crystal awards are other popular classification of trophies. These awards boast of pure beauty. Like glass awards, crystal awards are available in many different forms. Your options will mainly be between the ready-made shapes or custom ones. Crystal are cut by laser or crafted by hand. They can be printed on and engraved as well.

Marble awards are best suited for prestigious award events. Awards made from marble are usually trendy and can feature solid colors or a mixture of the same. Besides the color options, these awards are durable. The letters and descriptions can be engraved. You will get value for your money with marble plaques especially in prestigious ceremonies.

The custom options that trophy companies give can lead to many options. However, you can base your choice on the four categories mentioned.